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An original piece of music every weekday from composer and guzheng performer / pianist / vocalist Wu Fei. Official website www.wufeimusic.com

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#750 — Rue anemone 银莲葵

Listen now (6 min) | This solo guzheng piece was created and recorded yesterday after seeing a rue-anemone (photo below) on the hillside of the forest.When I looked up this little flower, an interesting fact was that the rue-anemone was often confused with the similar species, the false rue-anemone.

21 hours ago

#748 — Bunny rondo 灰兔回旋曲

Listen now (4 min) | I wrote this piece yesterday and recorded it on multitrack guzheng, performed by me.The bunnies are out again in the forest.Each year, the cute furry animals become less scared of us.Now, when I step out of the house to put food leftover in the compost bin, the bunnies dont run

2 days ago

#746 — Guzheng night song 50 古筝夜曲第五十号

Listen now (6 min) | This composition was created and recorded yesterday, inspired by the memory of my concert residency at the UNECO World Heritage Zollverein in Essen Germany last November (photo below).com Twitter @wufei Instagram @wufeimusic YouTube @wufeimusic Open in app or onlineWelcome to Wu

4 days ago

#745 — Get that bass 小钓思鲈

Listen now (5 min) | This composition was created and recorded yesterday, inspired by a smart bass (photo below) that has been living in the pound near my home.A dear friend caught it yesterday & threw it back in the lake.I had fun watching him fishing.Hope this piece brings you a fun moment into yo

1 week ago

#740 — Talking to the towhee 语雀

Listen now (5 min) | I composed and recorded this multi-track guzheng piece yesterday morning after hearing the beautiful eastern towhee birds in the forest.I didnt get a good photo of the birds.You can listen to their callings on: All About Birds of The Cornell Lab.It has become one of my favorite

2 weeks ago

#736 — This tree hasn’t given up yet 劲

Listen now (6 min) | This piece was created and recorded yesterday on guzheng.I used mostly harmonics of the strings.Two days ago, Nashville experienced a day of severely strong wind.I was scared while I was driving my children from school to home in the wind.Every second, I worried my car being blo

2 weeks ago

#735 — Virginia spring beauty 花落花开

Listen now (7 min) | - ( 689 - 740), Soundly sleeping in the spring, I didnt realize the dawn.Till the birds broke out in song everywhere.Last night, in the clamor of wind and rain.How many flowers have fallen, would you suppose.) Chinese poet from the Tang Dynasty.Open in app or onlineWelcome t

3 weeks ago

#733 — Shadows and boats 影子,船

Listen now (6 min) | Dear listeners, Twenty fours hours ago, I returned home from a week of concert residency with the Bellingham Symphony Orchestra in Washington state.It was a wonderful week rehearsing and delivering two successful concerts last weekend in Bellingham.I have attached some photos fr

3 weeks ago

#732 — Millipede dawn 千里之行, 始于足下

Listen now (4 min) | I composed this guzheng piece yesterday inspired by the first millipede I saw this year.There is an old idiom in Chinese ,.It means a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Thank you all for your generous support from all over the world.This daily music project ha

1 month ago

#729 — Bethlehem spring 百丽恒的春天

Listen now (6 min) | What an amazing concert residency I had last week Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.I am humbled to receive standing ovations from the audience for my symphony premiere of Hello Gold Mountain.What an honor to be called a triple threat artist by

1 month ago

#723 — Fungi chime 蘑铃

Listen now (4 min) | I created and recorded this piece on sanxian (means 3 strings) and guzheng, both performed by me.Besides plucking the sanxian, I also played the resonator as a drum.The membrane is made out of snake skin.You can go to this page to read more about the sanxian.Hope this piece bri

1 month ago

#722 — The toad knows 春风水暖蛙先知

Listen now (4 min) | I had a fun hike in the forest encountering the first toad of the year (photo below).When I got home, I immediately created and recorded this multitrack on prepared guzheng (strings muted by a beach cloth).Hope it brings you a moment of joy in the early spring.Open in app or onl

1 month ago

#718 — The black rabbit 黑兔 | Happy Lunar New Year

Listen now (5 min) | This piece was created and recorded on multitrack guzheng to welcome the lunar new year of the rabbit, which starts on January 22 this year.Chinese Astrology also incorporates the five elements: Water, Metal, Wood, Earth, and Fire.The zodiac moves through a different element eac

2 months ago

#714 — Double rainfall 雨的启示 | Nashville show

Listen now (8 min) | It has been raining in Nashville.The rain inspired me to warm up my fingers on double guzheng.My left hand played a 3-finger rotating technique when my right hand played the long tremolos.The two guzhengs were tuned slightly different.That is how I hear the rain sometimes the r

2 months ago

#709 — Tritone cups 田三彩

Listen now (6 min) | This 3-track guzheng piece was created and recorded yesterday after I saw these golden fungi in the forest.They are called Neofavolus alveolaris.It is a species of polypore fungus in the family Polyporaceae.According to Wikipedia, it is widely distributed in the temperate areas

2 months ago

#707 - Ear to the Common Ground | PBS TV

I am so excited to share a new series that I am featured on PBS Television.It has been aired on January 2nd.Ear to the Common Ground celebrates the power of music & food to bring Americans together.Episode One: me and 8 of my fans to talk about Open in app or onlineWelcome to Wu Feis Music Daily.I a

2 months ago

#706 — Ciao, 2022

Listen now (4 min) | Dear all, I am excited to share this piece that I composed and recorded on multitrack guzheng yesterday.I will be flying to Washington D.to play my last concert of 2022 when you receive this newsletter.The concert will be held at The National Gallery of Art, West Garden Court at

3 months ago

#702 — This genius is accepted 无限雪梅

Listen now (5 min) | This multitrack guzheng etude was composed and recorded yesterday by me.I was inspired by the pink snowberry (photo below) I encountered in the forest while hiking two days ago.According to Wikipedia, snowberry is a resilient plant able to withstand a variety of conditions.Snowb

3 months ago

#696 — A stamp on the wall 墙上的邮票

Listen now (5 min) | Happy Friday everyone.I composed and recorded this multitrack guzheng piece yesterday, inspired by this moment when I gazed at a window from my home.I said to myself if my home was an envelope, this sight would make a perfect stamp.Hope it brings you a moment of energy into your

3 months ago

#692 — Thanksgiving 2022 感恩二零二二

Listen now (9 min) | This solo guzheng improvisation was recorded yesterday.I was thinking about the people who have been protesting on the streets all over China against the zero Covid lockdown during my thanksgiving weekend in my peaceful west Nashville home.It has been a heart breaking weekend as

3 months ago

#691 — Zollverein chimney 无烟的烟囱

Listen now (5 min) | Happy thanksgiving to you all who celebrate this holiday.Wish you a peaceful long weekend with friends and family if you are with them.I will return to my daily post next Monday.This guzheng piece was created and recorded yesterday when I thought of the time I spent in Zollverei

4 months ago