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Mailscribe's AI-powered email marketing platform helps businesses automate email campaigns and increase engagement rates. With advanced machine learning algorithms, Mailscribe optimizes email content, subject lines and send times for maximum impact. Say goodbye to manual email marketing and hello to effortless success with Mailscribe.

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You deserve privacy in your inbox!


Mailscribe is a mailbox that allows you to subscribe to newsletters with a separate email address. This way, your personal inbox stays clean and spam-free. No more sifting through junk mail to find the emails you actually care about!


Some people don't want to share their personal email address with just anyone. With Mailscribe, you can subscribe to newsletters with a separate, anonymous email address. This way, you can keep your personal inbox private and spam-free.

Separate Emails

You can create separate email addresses for each newsletter you subscribe to. This way, you can keep your personal inbox clean and spam-free.


Your personal inbox is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. This means that your personal inbox is safe and secure. No one can read your emails without your permission.

Clean inbox

No more spam!

Are you tired of constantly receiving spam emails in your personal inbox? Do you find it difficult to manage and filter through the clutter to find important messages? With Mailscribe Inbox, you can create multiple email addresses that you can use to subscribe to newsletters and sign up for services without having to give out your personal email address. This allows you to keep your inbox clean and organized, and ensures that important messages don't get lost in a sea of spam. Say goodbye to spam and hello to a clutter-free inbox with Mailscribe Inbox.

Email Accounts

Create multiple email accounts

With Mailscribe Inbox, you can create multiple email accounts and manage them all from one place. Easily generate new email addresses with just a few clicks and keep all your emails organized and in one convenient location. Plus, with the ability to control all your email addresses from a single page, you can say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple inboxes.


Feel the community power

Connect with like-minded people through Mailscribe Inbox. Leave comments, give feedback, and engage with other readers who share your interests. You can also like, share, and forward emails to your friends, family, or colleagues with just one click. Join the Mailscribe community and be a part of the conversation.


Some exciting features

Multiple email accounts

Mailscribe allows users to manage multiple email accounts in one place. This ensures users have a streamlined and efficient workflow for managing their emails.

Clean design

Modern and clean design makes it easy to navigate through the platform and reduces user distractions.


Mailscribe curates personalised content for users and allows them to discover new newsletters and subscribe to them, which makes it easier for users to keep up with their interests.


You can filter your emails by category, so you can quickly and easily find the emails you want to read.


Email blocking puts you in control of your inbox. Easily block emails you don't want to receive and make sure you're only seeing the emails you care about.


Advanced search features enable users to quickly find emails and newsletters, saving time and making the user experience more efficient.


Share emails and newsletters with your friends and family with one single click. This feature helps users stay connected and share their interests with their network.

Browser notifications

Get notified of new emails and newsletters right in your browser. Stay on top of your messages and never miss an important mail.

Keep your inbox clean!

Start using Mailscribe Inbox today and keep your inbox clean and organized.



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