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CHOY LOVE CLUB: Dinner Diaries

Inspirations and ideas for dinner this week Open in app or onlineCHOY LOVE CLUB: Dinner DiariesInspirations and ideas for dinner this weekHetty Lui McKinnonMar 19PreviewSaveWelcome to the first official installment of Choy Love Club, the paid area of To Vegetables, With Love.CHOY LOVE CLUB: Dinner D

5 days ago

Carrots for the win

And finally, the birth of Choy Love Club Open in app or onlineCarrots for the winAnd finally, the birth of Choy Love ClubHetty Lui McKinnonMar 15SaveListenDear CommunitySomething strange has been happening in the last couple of months.Substack introduced a new function called Pledges which allows fr

1 week ago

The power of porridge

Dear Community, Im starting this months newsletter with a heap of new recipes from around the web - hang on tight, theres quite a few: I have many newbies on New York Times Cooking app/website.And as a gift to my newsletter readers, I am including a Open in app or onlineThe power of porridgeHetty Lu

1 month ago

Lunar New Year Delight

Dear Community, This time of year, we hear much about the happiness of new beginnings.But for me, I am often wistful, reflective.I lost my dad on New Years Eve, decades ago, but even today, it is not a day that I celebrate.Most of the time, I don't wait up for the clock to tick over, the fireworks t

2 months ago

Brussels sprouts, a Christmas miracle

plus a remix of a retro classic.Open in app or onlineBrussels sprouts, a Christmas miracleplus a remix of a retro classic.Hetty Lui McKinnonDec 15SaveListenDear CommunityAs 2022 comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for being here with me.I was telling a friend the other day,

3 months ago

A chocolate and fennel cookie

and a Christmas story.Open in app or onlineA chocolate and fennel cookieand a Christmas story.Hetty Lui McKinnonDec 7SaveListenDear CommunityI have always been captivated by the magic of Christmas.As a child, my love of Christmas was cultivated by my father, who gave us glimpses of Western tradition

3 months ago

The magic of mushrooms

Dear Community I want to talk about shrooms.When I was writing Tenderheart, it was easily the chapter I got the most carried away with.At one point, I had over 20 recipes just for the mushroom chapter.For vegetarians, they are our foundational vegetable because not only do they possess really intens

4 months ago

Meet America's TENDERHEART

And stir-fry that pineapple Open in appMeet America's TENDERHEARTAnd stir-fry that pineappleHetty Lui McKinnonOct 18ListenSaveDear Community,I am so excited to bring to you, TENDERHEART, THE AMERICAN and WORLD edition.Yes the veggie face is back, but there are a few tweaks.Can you spot the main diff

5 months ago