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Moral Injuries

Remembering what the Iraq War was like, 20 years later.Open in app or onlineIts the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and we want to share with you a piece by our friend Will Selber.This is his story from Iraqs Summer of Death.I want to warn you that its an extremely hard read.But it was impo

5 days ago

Why I'm grateful to you.

Dear friend, When I last wrote you all about Bulwark+ I started by acknowledging that a lot of people in the political biz and in my life dont really understand what it is that we do here.And I think thats because The Bulwark is just different.It doesnt meet the expectations and preconceived notions

1 month ago

The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood

Join us January 19th Open in app or onlineThe Bulwark Goes to HollywoodJoin us January 19thDec 22SaveListenFriends - Were excited to announce that The Bulwark is going to Hollywood.On Thursday, January 19th Sarah Longwell, Tim Miller, and Jonathan V.Last will bring their signature style of banter an

3 months ago

A Gift For You

Happy holidays Bulwark friends- As we approach the end of the year, I wanted share a gift we received recently at our members inbox.I've spent a lot of time thinking about why I am such a fan of the Bulwark and all of the contributors who live in my ear buds day in and day out (it by far is the best

3 months ago

The Next Level is going to Seattle

Join us for a fun evening with Dan Savage.Open in app or onlineThe Next Level is going to SeattleJoin us for a fun evening with Dan Savage.Tim MillerDec 9SaveListenJoin us in Seattle on January 21 for No B.with The Bulwark with special guest Dan Savage.Friends:Im excited to announce that Sarah, JVL

3 months ago

A Great Place to Talk About Politics and the World Is Here

Over the last few years, Ive tended to use Twitter to offer some thoughts of my own and to call attention to articles, podcasts, etc.And Ive learned a ton from the comments and recommendations of others on Twitter.Perhaps you found your way here from Twitter.Open in app or onlineA Great Place to Tal

3 months ago

What's Your Plan B?

$8 Bulwark+ Twitter Apocalypse Special Open in app or onlineWhat's Your Plan B.$8 Bulwark+ Twitter Apocalypse SpecialSarah LongwellNov 7SaveListenFriend,The Bulwark is offering a Bulwark+ membership for only $8 a month for a whole year if you sign up in November.You may have noticed that Twitter, th

4 months ago