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Tailwind Weekly #114: v3.3 is here 🀩

We got a new Tailwind CSS release this week and it's packed.I love the new darker colors but wow those new gradient color stop positions are.See the news section for the entire list of new stuff.I'm currently looking for a full-time job.I'm a frontend dev with 6+ years of experience in Vue (3 with R

10 hours ago

Tailwind Weekly #107: say hello to the new Protocol template!

We got the new template the Tailwind Labs team has been teasing us with for the past week and it's quite the looker.It's a documentation template made with Next.js and it's ready to use out of the box.Check out the news section for more info.Also, this will be our last issue of the year , we'll take

3 months ago

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Welcome back to Tailwind Weekly.Hey there, Welcome back.Use this link to securely sign in to your Tailwind Weekly account: Sign in to Tailwind Weekly For your security, the link will expire in 24 hours time.You can also copy & paste this URL into your browser: https://tailwindweekly.token=vg0EdJAhi1

4 months ago

Tailwind Weekly #102: Tailwind CSS turns 5 πŸ₯³

First off, Tailwind CSS turned 5 years old last October 31st, what a milestone.I started using Tailwind in 2018, only 1 year after it was out and it has come such a long way.I still remember when we had to use PurgeCSS as a separate build step and the file sizes in dev mode were in the megabytes.Now

4 months ago

Tailwind Weekly #101: v3.2 is out πŸš€ and it's 🀯!

We got a big release this week.To quote Adam: Tailwind CSS v3.2 is here with an absolutely massive amount of new stuff, including support for dynamic breakpoints, multiple config files in a single project, nested groups, parameterized variants, container queries, and more For me, I'm really excited

5 months ago

Tailwind Weekly #100: v3.2 is coming up and it's πŸ”₯!

I'm very proud to say that this is our 100th issue.To celebrate I want to share Tailwind Weekly's origin story with you.It all started just before the pandemic, I had been using the framework for a few months and fell in love with it almost immediately.I wanted to use it on all my projects and could

5 months ago

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5 months ago