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anecdotes, fables, tales, advice, photography, questions, sentiment, and ways to get lost in the forest

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Simon Sarris just started a thread

Simon Sarris just started a thread Simon Sarris just started a threadJoin the chat for The Map is Mostly Water now in the Substack app or web reader.From Simon Sarris subscriber chatSimon Sarris This year I will be building out a small orchard of heirloom apples.Most of these trees were sponsored by

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A lot with a little

Have more than thou showest, Speak less than thou knowest, Lend less than thou owest The Fool, King Lear Some works are better for their brevity.Fan Ho needs very little: Most of the image is black, or blurry.You can scarcely tell what materials youre looking at.But the essential is there: A subjec

2 weeks ago

Dispatches from childhood

Humility is the virtue of seeing each sunrise as truly new.Little children have no trouble with this perspective, they could not live any other way.Everything is visceral to them, and they carry this visceral interiority everywhere.Open in app or onlineDispatches from childhoodSimon SarrisFeb 23Save

1 month ago

The Oak and the Reed

Dear friends, there is a tale, The oak one day said to the reed: You have good reason to curse nature A simple sparrow for you is a heavy burden.The slightest wind that by chance Makes the face of the water ripple Forces you to lower your head.However my own forehead, Not content to stop the rays o

2 months ago

How to Cook for Odysseus

Health is not merely about ones diet, but it feels like a natural place to start.What follows are a few beliefs of my own.Open in app or onlineHow to Cook for OdysseusSimon SarrisDec 30SaveListenAnd the old king burned these over dried split woodand over the fire poured out glistening winewhile youn

2 months ago

What is Good Within Social Networks

I think we are still in the early days of social networks.We are only just beginning to figure them out.We certainly underestimate how positive and useful they can be, partly from a careless pessimism, and partly because the owners of major social networks seem to lack vision.Despite a few models en

3 months ago

The King and the Hermit

Dear friends, there is a tale, Long ago there lived a king who had two sons.Both children were overindulgent in spending and habits, and the king was much vexed by this careless nature.Being very old, he worried that after his death they would shortly blunder away their inherited wealth.Open in appT

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Hello dear friend, about this newsletter

Thank you for subscribing to The Map is Mostly Water.This newsletter is a patchwork of anecdotes, fables, tales, advice if you ask for it, photography, questions, sentiment, and ways to get lost in the forest.I do not post on a schedule, and while not all of them may interest you, I will never write

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