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Philosophy of work, life, and money. Struggling to answer the unanswerable. "The true opponent, the enfolding boundary, is the player himself."

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How to Get Over the Fear of Creating Things

One answer, and 5 tricks to help Open in app or onlineHow to Get Over the Fear of Creating ThingsOne answer, and 5 tricks to helpNat EliasonMar 20SaveListenIts easy to forget how terrifying it is to put yourself out there on the Internet for the first time.A few friends have recently decided to purs

1 week ago

40 Lessons from 30 Years

Why keep it to 30 Open in app or online40 Lessons from 30 YearsWhy keep it to 30Nat EliasonMar 14SaveListenOver a slice of drunken pizza on dirty Sixth street last weekend, my friend Zakk asked me to come up with 30 life lessons for my 30th birthday.I only got through five before I got distracted, b

2 weeks ago

The Bad Goal of $5m by 30

And perhaps a better framing Open in app or onlineThe Bad Goal of $5m by 30And perhaps a better framingNat EliasonMar 6SaveListenI turned 30 yesterday.Ill share my annual reflection piece in the next week or two, but in the meantime, I want to share one thing that was on my mind for years that was u

3 weeks ago

I'm Writing a Book!

Book Update 1 Open in app or onlineI'm Writing a Book.Book Update 1Nat EliasonFeb 27SaveListenHey, so, Im writing a book.I realized Ive mentioned it in a variety of contexts over the last nine months or so, but havent actually posted anything about it here.So heres a little on what its about, how th

1 month ago

Great Writing is Invisible

Helping the hallucination Open in app or onlineGreat Writing is InvisibleHelping the hallucinationNat EliasonFeb 20SaveListenIt is strangely difficult to clarify what good writing is.You know it when you see it, and perhaps more when you dont.Youve certainly had the experience of putting a book down

1 month ago

Using ChatGPT as a Writing Coach

How to improve instead of atrophy Open in app or onlineUsing ChatGPT as a Writing CoachHow to improve instead of atrophyNat EliasonFeb 13SaveListenIf you use ChatGPT for writing, you will become a worse writer.If you let a machine do the work for you, you will become less fit to do that work.Driving

1 month ago

Maybe Your Sleep Tracking is Killing You?

The Lure of the Measurable Open in app or onlineMaybe Your Sleep Tracking is Killing You.The Lure of the MeasurableNat EliasonFeb 6SaveListenLast week I found the death clock.Its a tool for telling you when youll die.For the memento mori crowd, it gives you a way to estimate roughly how many weeks o

1 month ago

Kickstarting TikTok: 55,500 Followers & 7m views in 6 Weeks

No hired help, no gimmicks, no fancy gear.Open in app or onlineKickstarting TikTok: 55,500 Followers & 7m views in 6 WeeksNo hired help, no gimmicks, no fancy gear.Nat EliasonJan 30SaveListenThis weeks post is a digression from my normal philosophical ramblings.But marketing articles started my onli

2 months ago

Cope as an Essential Life Skill

Go Fox Go Open in app or onlineCope as an Essential Life SkillGo Fox GoNat EliasonJan 23SaveListenDriven by hunger, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to, although he leaped with all his strength.As he went away, the fox remarked, 'Oh, you aren't even ripe yet.I

2 months ago

Make Big Money Mistakes Early

It's just a cafe, how hard can it be.Open in app or onlineMake Big Money Mistakes EarlyIt's just a cafe, how hard can it be.Nat EliasonJan 16SaveListenThe best money I ever lost was building our cafe.In 2018, my wife and I decided we wanted to open a tea cafe in Austin.In 2019 we found and leased a

2 months ago

Sapiens is Good You Silly Status Monkeys

Open in app or onlineSapiens is Good You Silly Status MonkeysNo banana for you.Nat EliasonJan 9SaveListenWhen did so many people start pretending Sapiens was bad.I imagine you remember the mania as well as I do.After its launch in 2014, Sapiens gained a steady stream of accolades and support.By 2015

2 months ago

Permission to Slow Down

Open in app or onlinePermission to Slow DownIn.Nat EliasonJan 2SaveListenTomorrow marks six weeks since I finished my book draft.When I finished it, I decided to try following Stephen Kings advice:How long you let your book rest sort of like bread dough between kneadings is entirely up to you, but I

2 months ago

The Best Things I Read in 2022

Plus: the best of the blog, your recommendations, and a vacation announcement Open in app or onlineThe Best Things I Read in 2022Plus: the best of the blog, your recommendations, and a vacation announcementNat EliasonNov 28SaveListenHappy holidays.Todays post is a little different.First, Im going to

4 months ago

The Childlike Love of Challenge

Open in app or onlineThe Childlike Love of ChallengeHow fast can you run.Nat EliasonNov 21SaveListenWhen did you last ask a friend:Wanna see how fast I can run.Or hold your breath until youre gasping for air.Or skip a night of sleep without caffeine or pharmaceuticals.Or balance on one foot on a roc

4 months ago

You're Not Struggling Alone

If you're worried you don't have to worry Open in app or onlineYou're Not Struggling AloneIf you're worried you don't have to worryNat EliasonNov 14SaveListenIm always uncomfortable when someone says Im good at writing.I know I must be somewhat okay at it.Otherwise, there wouldnt be as many of you h

4 months ago

De-Atomization is the Secret to Happiness

It may be that simple Open in app or onlineDe-Atomization is the Secret to HappinessIt may be that simpleNat EliasonNov 7SaveListenThere are at least two kinds of fun:Type 1 fun is fun in the moment.Watching a movie, playing a video game, scrolling TikTok, reading a book.You want to have fun, you do

4 months ago

The Art of Fermenting Great Ideas

And pickling jalapeos Open in app or onlineThe Art of Fermenting Great IdeasAnd pickling jalapeosNat EliasonOct 31ListenSaveOf the useless rain dances in corporate America, brainstorming sessions are among the worst.They could only have been dreamed up by a consultant who never stumbled upon a good

5 months ago

What AI Can't Write

Open in app or onlineWhat AI Can't WriteCan you.Nat EliasonOct 24ListenSaveContext warning: suicideOne machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men.No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.Elbert HubbardOh yeah.Open AI (probably)The wildest SEO project I ever worked on was for a mattress

5 months ago

The Road to Helldorado

It's paved with good marketing Open in appThe Road to HelldoradoIt's paved with good marketingNat EliasonOct 17ListenSaveThe promise of quick and effortless weight loss is facing the elevator to my daughters pediatricians office.The cardboard popup advertisement informs you that through the magic of

5 months ago

What Would Happen to You in a Book?

Sometimes it's so obvious Open in appWhat Would Happen to You in a Book.Sometimes it's so obviousNat EliasonOct 10ListenSAVELife doesnt make sense.But its helpful to pretend it does.I read at some point that your statistical odds of getting caught driving drunk are so low, given how many people do i

5 months ago

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