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🗞 What's New: Growing on Twitter without fancy tools

Also: Making old things new again.View in browser What's stopping you from growing on Twitter.- **Engaging in other people's tweets, and starting threads with catchy** hooks can both be major game changers on Twitter.Check out how to implement these tactics below.Paper magaz What's stopping you from

11 hours ago

🗞 What's New: Stealing a growth tactic from the big guys

Also: Lessons for content-based businesses.View in browser What do Airbnb, Amazon, and Netflix have in common (other than size).- **All three companies used this key strategy in their early stages** to kickstart growth and acquire users quickly.Check out this tactic below, including tips on how to i

2 days ago

🗞 What's New: Unique ways to validate your idea

Also: Video prospecting for your email marketing campaigns.View in browser Validation is essential before building, and there are lots of ways to do it: - **Check out these tips for interesting, unique ways to validate** your idea.Hint: Look at your own bank transactions and note what *you* pay for.

4 days ago

🗞 What's New: The perfect building to marketing ratio

Also: Hiring a building a great remote culture.View in browser As a founder, should you spend more time on building or marketing.- **Ah, the age old question: What's the perfect building to marketing** ratio.Below, we dive into various things to consider when trying to strike this balance, including

1 week ago

🗞 What's New: What do you wish you'd known when starting out?

Also: Crafting a cold email that lands.View in browser The founder's journey is full of lessons: - **Below, indie hackers weigh in on the things they wish they'd known** when getting started.Whether you're a beginner, or several years (or startups.) in, these gems can help.- **Are people ignoring yo

1 week ago

🗞 What's New: Don't build things no one wants

Also: Building a killer paid ad campaign.View in browser Don't build a product that no one wants: - **Last week, we covered the first part of a series on determining *why*** people buy what they buy.Below, we dive further into what drives people to make purchases, and how you can use this to craft y

2 weeks ago

🗞 What's New: Is it time to grow your team?

Also: Avoid the follower count trap.View in browser How do you know when it's time to grow your team.- **This guide will walk you through when, and how, to grow** your team when the time comes.From contractors, to cofounders, to employees, explore these options to find the best one for you.- **It c

3 weeks ago

🗞 What's New: Building a killer user onboarding flow

Also: Maintaining fitness as a founder.View in browser Onboarding is one of the most important aspects of your business: - **A good onboarding flow can help reduce churn, minimize support** costs, increase lifetime value, and a host of other things.Here's how to create an onboarding flow that makes

3 weeks ago

🗞 What's New: Finding early adopters for your product

Also: Building operational processes as a solo founder.View in browser Having trouble finding early adopters and beta users.- **Founders weigh in below on how they leveraged incentives,** online communities, personal calls, and other strategies to drive early adoption.- **Pro tip: When building a ma

4 weeks ago

🗞 What's New: Getting into the minds of your users

Also: Using AI for cold outreach in B2B.View in browser What drives people to buy something.- **Knowing the answer to this question can mean the difference** between creating a multimillion dollar business, and creating something that no one uses.Below, we dive into the psychology behind purchase de

4 weeks ago

🗞 What's New: Are feedback forms a waste of time?

Also: Building a moat for founders.View in browser There are many valuable ways to collect feedback from your users: - **However, are feedback forms still one of them.Founders weigh in** on whether feedback forms are actually helpful, or whether they're better left in the trash folder.- **What does

1 month ago

🗞 What's New: Getting free users to convert

Also: 4 ways to *actually* use ChatGPT for your business.View in browser Freemium, free trials, paid freemium.the debate rages on: - **Regardless of where you stand on these strategies, it's essential** to optimize your products to get users to convert.This guide can help you get there.- **The inter

1 month ago

🗞 What's New: Replicating a $120,000 launch

Also: Hitting #1 on Reddit.View in browser Launching a new product doesn't have to be overwhelming: - **If you're looking to lock in a 6 figure launch, this guide** can help.Hint: Share byproducts from your software that would be helpful to your customers, like helpful research or best pract Launchi

1 month ago

🗞 What's New: Can procrastination be....productive?

Also: Leveraging cross-promotion.View in browser Procrastination hits many founders, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing: - **Is there a way to turn procrastination around to make it work** *for* you, instead of working against you.The guide below can help you turn incognito procrastination into P

1 month ago

🗞 What's New: Finding good product ideas on Reddit

Also: Using Slack for customer support.View in browser We all know that Reddit is a gold mine for finding viable product ideas: - **But how exactly do you go about sifting through countless posts** for *good* ideas.This guide will show you where to start, and how to monitor discussions around niche

1 month ago

🗞 What's New: A guide to providing stellar customer support

Also: Finding a great mentor.View in browser Stellar customer support is necessary, but it's not easy: - **In the beginning, it will actually be more time-efficient** for you to offer customer support that doesn't scale.Indie hackers have the advantage of building a close connection with custo Stell

1 month ago

🗞 What's New: Using GIFs for brand awareness

Also: A no-frills cold email outreach strategy.View in browser Looking to spread the word about your business, but strapped for cash.- **GIF Engine Optimization (GEO) is a trending strategy** where founders use brand-related GIFs to hit the top search results.Here's how it can help increase brand aw

1 month ago

🗞 What's New: Promoting your product without an MVP

Also: LinkedIn lead generation strategies.View in browser MVPs are important, but what if you don't have one.- **You don't have to wait to build your MVP to promote your product.** From mockups to influencer power, here's how to get your product in front of potential users without an MVP.- **LinkedI

1 month ago

🗞 What's New: A step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing

Also: Should you re-send emails to disengaged customers.View in browser Are you leveraging the benefits of affiliate marketing.- **If you haven't tried affiliate marketing, this step-by-step** guide can get you set up quickly and easily, to help increase your revenue.- **Is it ever appropriate to re

1 month ago

🗞 What's New: When to move on from a project

Also: New opportunities in matchmaking tech.View in browser When is it time to give up on a project.- **Knowing when and how to move on from an idea can be tough.** But, for indie hackers, the end of one project can be an exciting start for something new.These tips can help you determine when it's t

1 month ago

🗞 What's New: Tips for building a successful landing page

Also: When to add a new feature.View in browser Looking to build or update your landing page, but not sure where to start.- **The guide below cuts through the noise to offer helpful tips** on building a beautiful, functional, clear landing page that converts.- **When it's time to add a new featu Loo

1 month ago