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🏦🇺🇸 Warren Buffett Called in to Save Us

Hi all, One of the most contentious points of discussion in the past week is around the question: How much money do you need to make per year in order to be happy.According to my YouTube community poll, the majority voted that you need to make more than $125k per year in order to be happy.In my rese

4 days ago

🏦👇 SVB Collapse: More Details Emerge

Happy Wednesday all, Its been a super eventful past week and today were explaining the Silicon Valley Bank collapse in our Hump Days Scoop.In personal news, Ive moved into a new place so you may see a new studio set in YouTube videos in the future.Heres an angle that I like: Open in app or online SV

1 week ago

🥳📦 Supply Chain Crunch Is Over! Now What?

Happy Wednesday all, In todays video over on YouTube, I did a deep dive into figuring out just exactly HOW much of your paycheck you should aim to save.A recent study showed that roughly 3 out of 4 people making less than $50k a year live paycheck to paycheck - but whats even more startling is that

2 weeks ago

🐦📉 Advertisers are Leaving Twitter in Droves!

Spent the week in the Washington D./ Maryland area for the first time ever.It was cool to see the Washington Monument (the , as they call it).I posted some stories on my Instagram - make sure to follow me there.Often times I am not the best influencer, Im not posting stories every day, Im not tweeti

2 weeks ago

💸💳 Are You Spending too Much?

Happy Sunday, I just read this article this morning from NPR - the headline is Despite high inflation, Americans are spending like crazy and it's kind of puzzling.This is something Ive personally been experiencing in my network - it seems that not many are consciously cutting back on expenses.We al

3 weeks ago

🏡💰 Household Debt Hits Record in 2022, What Next?

Happy Wednesday Friends, We are well past 12,000 readers now on Hump Days, thank you for being here - incredibly grateful to have you.Moving forward, were planning to broaden the YouTube channel into more outside of the box topics on business, finance, economics, etc - so be on the lookout for more

1 month ago

💳😈 Credit Cards = Evil?

Happy Presidents Day Weekend Sunday, I hope you are well.I wanted to share one of my favorite blog posts with you today on how to set goals.It is by Stanford Professor Graham Weaver, and in it he gives you a framework for how to set and achieve goals for your life.By going through this exercise last

1 month ago

🏈📺 Super Bowl Ads Cost How Much?!

Happy Wednesday all, This coming weekend is Presidents Day weekend - which means that the market is closed next Monday the 20th.If youre working, I do hope you get that holiday off.According to Wikipedia, its the holiday to honor all those who served as presidents of the United States so this holida

1 month ago

🚕🚨 Lyft Needs a Lift. Badly.

Happy Superbowl Sunday, I do love watching certain sports (Golf, Football, and Basketball are probably my favorites) but I do not find myself that excited to watch the big game today perhaps because I feel no attachment to either team and I also feel like from a social standpoint, its an obligated w

1 month ago

🇨🇳🎈This isn't China's First Spy Balloon Rodeo

Happy Wednesday all, We have a fun video coming out for you this week on YouTube (not out yet), but its about 5 Money Mistakes that Billionaires / the Ultra Wealthy do not make, with interview clips and evidence.I think it is pretty eye-opening, so look out for that video tomorrow or Friday.Open in

1 month ago

🧑‍🔧💰 Big Tech Earnings Breakdown. What's Next?

Hello friends, Ive had a pretty slow weekend.I binge-watched the Last of Us last night, got caught up on the season, and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.How are your New Years resolutions going.This is about the time that most people have given up on their goals or new habits.Personally

1 month ago

🇺🇸📵 U.S. Gov't: Huawei, You're Cut Off Pal

Happy Wednesday all, The Federal Reserve, the US Central Bank, just raised Interest Rates another 0.That means if you have money in a high-yield savings account, the rate you get should increase in lockstep.I know that Wealthfront, the HYSA I use, is now going to be offering 4.So if you had $1 Milli

1 month ago

🤖🫣 Buzzfeed's AI Resurgence (up 100%+)

Happy Sunday all, Im writing to you from a hotel room in cloudy & rainy Oahu, Hawaii.Its funny how that works out - you leave your home to go somewhere tropical and sunny but then mother nature has other ideas :) I wanted to talk about the hype that is AI.Its seemingly everywhere these days and whil

1 month ago

👨‍💻🔻 Tech Downsizing: What You Need To Know

Happy Wednesday all, Weve made some changes to the Wednesday and Sunday versions of the newsletter in order to best provide you value as we go through this week in finance together.In replacement of the featured story, we added the Hump Days Scoop which attempts to deliver the details of this weeks

1 month ago

🐇🧧 CNY Edition Sunday Primer

Happy Chinese New Year.Its the year of the Rabbit.A tradition that you may want to partake in today is eating some fish.It symbolizes abundance and sounds like surplus in Chinese.Check out the graphic with all the foods and what they represent.Personally, I think me and my mom are getting some fish

2 months ago

📉🫣 Goldman Sees Profits Plummet 66%

Happy Wednesday all, Ive been getting a lot of questions from beginners about how to invest in the market - some of you reading are already experienced when it comes to investing, but for those that may not have an investment account at all, or dont know what to invest in, or why they should be inve

2 months ago

☹️🧾 Your Tax Refunds Are Geting Smaller This Year

Happy Wednesday all, The next Mega Millions lottery jackpot on Friday the 13th is for $1.That got me thinking why have lottery jackpots been so outrageously high recently.They never used to get this big - rarely crossing $1 Billion.Open in app or online Your Tax Refunds Are Geting Smaller This Year

2 months ago

🏦📝 Latest Fed Policy Meeting Breakdown

Happy Sunday all, I hope youre having a relaxing weekend.I spent the day yesterday in San Francisco at the Warriors game and having lunch with a few friends.We had dumplings , so good.Its been rather stormy in the Bay Area, abnormally wet for this time of year.According to the National Weather Servi

2 months ago

🚙☹️ Tesla Posts a Disappointing Q4: Wall St. Reacts

Happy Wednesday all, I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve.I ended up going to dinner, watching Emily the Criminal on Netflix, then falling asleep at 11 PM.Although this year I was actually itching for a NYE party, it was instead - low key.What did you get up to.Open in app or online Tesla Posts

2 months ago

💼🏪 The Labor Market is Tiiiiiiiight

Happy Wednesday, I hope you all have had a restful holiday so far.One of my friends families threw an ice skating party last Friday where they rented a rink out for a few hours.I thoroughly had fun and didnt fall flat on my face.I also want to welcome all our new subscribers to this newsletter that

2 months ago

⏰📱 Time May Be Ticking for TikTok in the U.S.

Happy Wednesday before Christmas.My family doesnt really celebrate Christmas.We used to when I was a kid, but when my parents separated we discontinued the tradition.Sometimes well still give a gift here and there in the family during Christmas, but in general, I dont have any Christmas traditions.O

3 months ago