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No Men in Women's Prisons, Regardless of Surgeries or Hormones

Women are not castrated men.Open in app or onlineNo Men in Women's Prisons, Regardless of Surgeries or HormonesWomen are not castrated men.Genevieve GluckFeb 27SaveListenAt the end of January, the UKs Ministry of Justice announced updates to policies regarding male prisoners who identify as transgen

3 weeks ago

Christina Ellingsen, Norwegian Feminist Defending Women's Rights

Christina Ellingsen, a representative of feminist organization Womens Declaration International (WDI) is being investigated under hate crime charges for tweets she made between February 2021 and January 2022.The tweets in question were replies directed at Open in app or onlineChristina Ellingsen, No

3 months ago

What is a Woman? Wrong Answers Only

A video compilation highlighting the evidence of pornographys influence on the male claim to womanhood was removed from YouTube within the fist 24 hours that it was uploaded.Its creator, who uses the alias Skirt Go Spinny, then posted her video, What is a Woman.Wrong Answers Only Open in app or onli

4 months ago

Welcome to Women's Voices

Thank you for registering to receive updates.My name is Genevieve Gluck, and Im an American feminist researcher and essayist.As you may be aware, I primarily focus on topics regarding the sex-based nature of womens oppression and why I believe gender identity ideology is in direct opposition to wome

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