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San Sebastián/Donostia

Where we ate and stayed Open in app or onlineSan Sebastin/DonostiaWhere we ate and stayed David LebovitzMar 14SaveListenAfter an overly eventful year, months of grey skies, and being bundled up against the cold weather, we decided to lift our spirits and head south to Spain.I didnt feel like getting

1 week ago

March 2023 newsletter

Life between two cultures can pose some real risks.The other day, I almost put toothpaste (top) on my foot instead of analgesic cream (bottom).Theyre both blue and white tubes, they both have U, L, and E in the names, and they both end in gel.Fortunately, I didnt get that backward and put the anti-i

3 weeks ago

Podcast: Secrets of Paris with Heather Stimmler

Listen now (58 min) | I recently sat down with my friend Heather Stimmler, of Secrets of Paris, to talk about tourism in Paris for my podcast.Often called the most visited city in the world, Paris has an admirable reputation, but the word tourist comes with negative connotations.Personally, I love t

1 month ago

February 2023 Newsletter

France is a country where people are known for being hesitant to change.(Although they do appreciate this kind of change.) Its what many people admire about France, and they often tell me that they think that their country should emulate it.Im not sure people would appreciate folks smoking next to t

1 month ago

Cover Story: The Sweet Life in Paris

Or, what I did during the nationwide strike.Open in app or onlineCover Story: The Sweet Life in Paris Or, what I did during the nationwide strikeDavid LebovitzJan 20PreviewSaveMe, circa 2006-2008, on the roof outside of my apartment.Yesterday in France there was a nationwide strike as people protest

2 months ago

Sarah Donnelly: Paris Stand-Up Comedian

Listen now (59 min) | Star of "The Only American in Paris" Open in app or onlineJan 13Sarah Donnelly: Paris Stand-Up ComedianStar of "The Only American in Paris"Listen 59MDavid LebovitzI eagerly await the next Sarah Donnelly video to show up in my Instagram feed as she highlights some of the peculi

2 months ago

January 2023 Newsletter

Open in app or onlineJanuary 2023 NewsletterIt's a New Year.David LebovitzJan 5SaveListenSome people eat rice and beans for New Years.I cooked up green tomatoes and apples for chutney.Well, here we areagain, in a new year.As the end of 2022 came to a close in Paris, the final week was one big, colle

2 months ago

Happy Holidays!

My kitchen is stocked with French chocolates, marrons glacs (candied chestnuts), panettone, fresh clementines, an ice cream Bche de Nol in the freezer, with Champagne on ice and a capon chicken rubbed with sage butter ready to roast, in preparation for a low-key holiday dinner tonight.Paris is quiet

2 months ago

Podcast: Classic Cocktails with French Spirits

Listen now (56 min) | With Forest Collins of 52 Martinis in Paris Open in app or onlineDec 18Podcast: Classic Cocktails with French SpiritsWith Forest Collins of 52 Martinis in ParisListen 56MDavid LebovitzIts the time of year to celebrate, and if Im serving a cocktail, Im always inclined to includ

3 months ago

December 2022

The end is here (the end of the year, that is.) Open in app or onlineDecember 2022 The end is here (end of the year, that is.)David LebovitzDec 1SaveListenWere almost at the end of 2022, and once again, just when I think Ive got things down, the world has changed.(Kind of like la paperasse; just whe

3 months ago

Black Friday Special!

Take 30% off paid subscriptions now.Open in app or onlineBlack Friday Special.Take 30% off paid subscriptionsDavid LebovitzNov 25SaveListenFor a Black Friday special, if youd like to subscribe to the paid version of my newsletter, you can do so today and through the weekend, and get 30% off using th

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The Bitter Side of France

Listen now (50 min) | A chat with Jennifer McLagan, author of Bitter, Fat, and Odd Bits Open in app or onlineNov 11The Bitter Side of FranceA chat with Jennifer McLagan, author of Bitter, Fat, and Odd BitsListen 50MDavid LebovitzFrance is well-known for its pastries and sweets, but the culture does

4 months ago

David Lebovitz just started a subscriber chat

David Lebovitz just started a subscriber chat David Lebovitz just started a subscriber chatJoin the conversation now in the Substack app.Join now From David Lebovitzs subscriber chatDavid Lebovitz Hi all.Trying out a new feature on Substack to do some Q+As.Join now 2022 David LebovitzRoom for Desser

4 months ago

November 2022 Newsletter

Thanksgiving recipes, Paris apartment updates, and my new favorite market in Paris.Open in app or onlineNovember 2022 NewsletterLostDavid LebovitzNov 1SaveListenWell, it happened again.When I was writing The Sweet Life in Paris, my manuscript in progress vanished from the desktop of my computer, alo

4 months ago

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