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Vermeer in America

A Charlie Rose Special Open in app or onlineVermeer in AmericaA Charlie Rose SpecialCharlie RoseMar 24SaveListenCharlie and curator Arthur 1996 at The National GalleryIt is the blockbuster art exhibition in the world so far in 2023.The Vermeer retrospective at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Neth

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President Jimmy Carter

From Politician to Global Humanitarian and Statesman Open in app or onlinePresident Jimmy CarterFrom Politician to Global Humanitarian and StatesmanCharlie RoseMar 9SaveListenPresident Carter was interviewed by Charlie more than a dozen times.March 9, 2023Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.) served

2 weeks ago

Remembering Loretta Lynn

A pioneer for women in country music Open in appRemembering Loretta LynnA pioneer for women in country musicCharlie RoseOct 7ListenSAVELoretta Lynn on CHARLIE ROSE in 2002October 7, 2022Loretta Lynns life was a remarkable journey.Born April 14,1932, Loretta Webb came from Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, w

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