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BetterDev #245 - Scaling Kubernetes to 7,500 nodes

Better Dev #245 Mar 20, 2023 Scaling Kubernetes to 7,500 nodes At this point no one doesnt know OpenAI and their ChatGPT.They run a massive K8S cluster with 7,500 nodes.Needless to say that come with many challenges they share with us here.Things DBs Don't Do - But Should Writing or talking about th

1 week ago

BetterDev #240 - Hello, PNG

Better Dev #240 Jan 23, 2023 Start speaking a new language in just three weeks with Babbel (SPONSOR) Learning to speak a new language goes beyond just vocabulary: its about being able to hold a real-life conversation with a local, and understanding the culture and the people of each place.Consider B

2 months ago

BetterDev #235 - The architecture of Mastodon

Better Dev #235 Dec 5, 2022 This week there is a vulnerability in VS Code.If you used VS Code, make sure to upgrade your VS To latest version after v1.How Gitlab diagnosed and resolved Redis latency spikes with BPF and other tools It is hard to debug intermittent issue, since it is usually doesnt fo

3 months ago

BetterDev #234 - Who controls the internet

Better Dev #234 Nov 21, 2022 Happy thanks giving for anyone that celebrate this holiday.I take a week off next week for thanksgiving so there will be no issue next week.I recommend some get away time from computer this weekend as well.I come from a third world country and Im so thankful for what Im

4 months ago

BetterDev #233 - Let's write a chess engine

Better Dev #233 Nov 14, 2022 Let's write a tiny chess engine in go In this article we will try to understand how chess engines work by porting the sunfish chess engine to Go.Sunfish is notable for its simplicity and small size, while still being capable of playing decent chess.Go is also known as a

4 months ago