Is the cost of Formula One worth it? Red Bull in discussions with FIA over F1 cost cap Accepted Breach Agreement

Today's News

Today was a big day for news, with plenty of stories making headlines around the world. Here are some of the top stories from today.


  • Steven Gerrard sacked by Aston Villa after dismal Fulham defeat: The former Liverpool star was let go by the Championship club after just 11 months in charge.
  • Kevin Spacey found not liable in sex abuse suit brought by Anthony Rapp: The actor was accused of sexually assaulting Rapp when Rapp was just 14 years old, but a jury found Spacey not liable in the civil suit.
  • Why Liz Truss resigned as U.K. prime minister: A guide to the chaos: Truss resigned after just three months in office, amid infighting within the Conservative Party over Brexit.
  • Aston Villa sack Steven Gerrard after 11 months in charge: The Championship club sacked the former Liverpool star after just 11 months in charge.
  • PAHO: 210 million people in region did not take covid19 vaccine: The Pan American Health Organization said that 210 million people in the region had not taken the covid19 vaccine.
  • The Loop live: Liz Truss resignation means UK facing third prime minister in three months, Kevin Spacey found not liable in civil sexual abuse trial: The Loop is a live blog that covers the latest news and updates on the resignation of Liz Truss and the finding of Kevin Spacey in the civil sexual abuse trial.
  • Red Bull in discussions with FIA over F1 cost cap Accepted Breach Agreement: Red Bull is in discussions with the FIA over a possible breach of the cost cap agreement for the Formula One racing series.
  • How beloved pet dog came to woman's rescue during kangaroo attack: A woman's beloved pet dog came to her rescue when she was attacked by a kangaroo.
  • Flooding continues as more than 100mm of rain falls in NSW, Murray River peak yet to come: The floods in New South Wales continue as more than 100mm of rain have fallen and the Murray River is yet to peak.
  • U.S. alleges Iranian troops in Crimea helping with Russia's drone attacks on Ukraine: The United States has alleged that Iranian troops are in Crimea helping Russia with its drone attacks on Ukraine.
  • Liz Truss resigns: Tory leadership contenders need 100 backers by Monday: Liz Truss has resigned as the U.K. prime minister, and the contenders for her replacement need 100 backers by Monday.
  • Mass drone attacks in Ukraine foreshadow the ‘future of warfare’: The mass drone attacks in Ukraine are seen as a foreshadowing of the future of warfare.
  • 'Bye, bye Liz Truss, congrats to lettuce': World leaders react to Truss's historic departure: World leaders react to the resignation of Liz Truss, with some congratulating her on her historic accomplishment of becoming the first female U.K. prime minister to resign.
  • Kevin Spacey didn’t molest actor Anthony Rapp, jury concludes: The jury in the civil suit brought by Rapp against Spacey concluded that Spacey did not molest Rapp.
  • Supreme Court rejects request to block Biden student loan debt forgiveness program: The Supreme Court has rejected a request to block the Biden administration's student loan debt forgiveness program.
  • Live: Overnight rain worsens fears in hardest-hit flood zones in Victoria and New South Wales: The overnight rain has worsened the flooding in Victoria and New South Wales, with the hardest-hit flood zones being in Victoria.
  • Karl Stefanovic tears up in sweet message to daughter: Karl Stefanovic tears up in a sweet message to his daughter, saying that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him.
  • Record-Breaking Gamma-Ray Burst Leaves Astrophysicists in Awe: A record-breaking gamma-ray burst has left astrophysicists in awe.
  • Two security incidents occur at Supreme Court in same hour: Two security incidents have occurred at the Supreme Court in the same hour.
  • Man found dead on the pavement as police cordon off road: A man has been found dead on the pavement as police cordon off the road.