SPACEX, Pentagon Deepen Ties as Beijing Military Catching Up to USA

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Welcome to the October 21st edition of today's news. Our top stories include SpaceX and the Pentagon deepening ties, dogs being able to sniff out human stress, Beijing military catching up to the USA, and a text scam that cost a woman $1.6 million.


  1. SPACEX, Pentagon Deepen Ties - The article discusses how the SpaceX company is deepening its ties with the Pentagon, and how this could help the company gain an edge in the commercial space race.

  2. Dogs Can Sniff Out Human Stress - A new study has shown that dogs can sniff out human stress, and this could have implications for how we use them in health and security settings.

  3. Beijing Military Catching Up to USA. Ready for Battle? - The article discusses how Beijing's military is catching up to the USA's, and how this could lead to a conflict between the two superpowers.

  4. Text Scam 'Pig Butchering' Cost Her $1.6 Million - The article discusses how a text scam cost a woman $1.6 million, and how this highlights the dangers of online scams.

  5. Edge Computing Helps Feed Taco Bell’s Digital Business - The article discusses how edge computing is helping Taco Bell to improve its digital business.

  6. Philip Morris Has a Plan B for America, But It Isn’t Ideal - The article discusses how Philip Morris has a plan to improve its business in America, but how this plan is not ideal.

  7. AT&T Raises Outlook on Wireless-Customer Growth - The article discusses how AT&T is raising its outlook on wireless-customer growth.

  8. Snap Sales Growth Slows Further as Advertisers Cut Spending - The article discusses how Snap's sales growth is slowing down, as advertisers are cutting their spending on the platform.

  9. Tesla’s Valuation Doesn’t Add Up Today, Never Mind $4.4 Trillion Tomorrow - The article discusses how Tesla's current valuation doesn't make sense, and how this could lead to problems for the company in the future.