China Factories Push Robotics Amid Workforce Shrinkage

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal


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Today's headlines focus on the economy, both in terms of factories in China and energy and mining in the stock market. In addition, Russia is expanding its attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine, and electric bills are soaring as winter approaches. Finally, electric vehicles are taking off, but car makers are not yet ready for the demand.


  • The first title discusses how China is rapidly increasing its use of robotics due to a shrinking workforce.
  • The second title discusses how the stock market is being propped up by the energy and mining sectors.
  • The third title discusses how Russia is stepped up its attacks on civilians in Ukraine after losing ground militarily.
  • The fourth title discusses how electric bills areskyrocketing as winter approaches.
  • The fifth title discusses how the electric vehicle market is growing rapidly and car manufacturers are struggling to keep up.
  • The sixth title discusses Howard Schultz's plans for the future now that he has stepped down as CEO of Starbucks.