Ethereum's Merge: What You Need to Know

Today's News

Welcome to the news! Today, we'll be discussing the Ethereum merge, Do Kwon's arrest warrant, and Bitcoin's recent price crash. We'll also be taking a look at some of the other upgrades to the Ethereum network that are under development, as well as the impacts of the merge on NFTs.


  • The Singapore police say that they are still looking for Do Kwon, the developer of a now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange who is wanted in connection with an alleged fraud case.
  • After a summer of success for the English women's national football team, there is a battle brewing over the future of the sport in the country.
  • Ethereum's recent "merge" event has major implications for energy efficiency on the network.
  • How to run an event that doesn't disappoint.
  • A look at four more upgrades to the Ethereum network that are currently in development.
  • The Ethereum merge event has created some hidden beneficiaries in the form of other cryptocurrencies.
  • Is now a good time to buy Polygon?
  • Three benefits of the Ethereum merge.
  • A look at what a crypto recovery might look like.
  • Joe Biden issues a warning to the cryptocurrency industry after a major price crash.
  • The SEC Chair has issued a major warning about Ethereum, sparking a sell-off in the markets.
  • Jilted Ethereum miners are looking for alternatives after the merge event, but there are few options available.
  • A list of major U.S. layoffs that have occurred this summer.
  • The Ethereum merge event has created big questions and complications for the NFT industry.