Tensions Linger for Harry and Meghan

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Today's headlines explore a wide range of topics, from the ongoing tensions between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the increasing use of private equity in family businesses. Other stories discuss the interesting ways in which different countries are approaching alcohol consumption, as well as the challenges faced by bosses who monitor their employees' internet usage.


  • For Harry and Meghan, tensions still exist between the couple and the royal family after their departure from the UK.
  • Biden is working to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center.
  • Iran's supreme leader has been seen in public after speculation about his health.
  • The power of perspective is explored in this article.
  • Fetterman, a senator from Pennsylvania, is facing questions about his health after he cancelled several events.
  • State abortion bans are being challenged in lawsuits by the ACLU.
  • Private equity firms are often inheriting family businesses.
  • Russia is using Iranian drones in the conflict in Ukraine.
  • Saudi Arabia is planning to open champagne and wine bars in the new city of Neom.
  • The man from Rivian is working to change the way we buy cars.
  • More bosses are spying on employees who quit without notice.
  • Abbott is facing competition from a new heart valve device.