Can You Trust Free Crypto Exchanges?

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Today's top news stories include South Africa's move to regulate crypto assets, the sale of Voyager's crypto lending business to FTX, and JPMorgan's hire of a former Celsius executive as its director of crypto regulatory policy. Other stories include the FBI's warning of possible student loan forgiveness scams, how a photographer turns Ukrainian soil into powerful images of life amid war, and the increasing bond yields ahead of more high-profile earnings.


  • South Africa moves to regulate crypto assets: The South African government is considering new regulations for cryptocurrency assets, including a possible ban on trading.
  • Crypto lender Voyager sends $1.42 bln FTX sale to creditor vote: Crypto lender Voyager has sent a $1.42 billion sale of its FTX tokens to a creditor vote, in a move that could potentially save the struggling company.
  • Former Celsius exec joins JPMorgan as director of crypto regulatory policy: JPMorgan has hired a former executive from crypto lending startup Celsius Network as its new director of crypto regulatory policy.
  • Why the jurisdiction of choice for trust planning with digital assets has to be Wyoming: Wyoming is seen as a favorable jurisdiction for trust planning with digital assets, due to its favorable tax and legal environment.
  • FBI Warns of Possible Student Loan Forgiveness Scams: The FBI is warning the public of possible student loan forgiveness scams, in which criminals pose as government officials and offer to forgiven loans in exchange for upfront fees.
  • How a Photographer Turns Ukrainian Soil Into Powerful Images of Life Amid War: Photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind turns Ukrainian soil into powerful images of life amid war.
  • US stocks snap 2-day win streak as investors digest surging bond yields ahead of more high-profile earnings: US stocks ended a two-day winning streak on Wednesday as investors digested surging bond yields and awaited more high-profile earnings reports.
  • They Say Web3 Is the Future of the Internet. But How?: Proponents of Web3 say it will be the future of the internet, but how will it actually work?
  • A House Sold as an NFT for the First Time in History: A house has been sold as an NFT for the first time in history.
  • Most Web3 Marketing is Fake. Here's Why.: Most marketing around Web3 is fake, according to a new report.
  • I Taught Elderly People How to Avoid Internet Scams. Then I Fell for the Oldest Trick in the Book.: I taught elderly people how to avoid internet scams, then I fell for the oldest trick in the book.
  • Verizon prepaid accounts hijacked by SIM swap crooks: Verizon prepaid accounts have been hijacked by SIM swap crooks.
  • Can You Trust Free Crypto Exchanges?: Can you trust free crypto exchanges?
  • Coinbase vs. Bybit: Which Is Better?: Coinbase and Bybit are two of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. but which one is better?
  • Transcript: Tom Rampulla: Here is a transcript of an interview with Tom Rampulla, a former Wall Street executive who is now a crypto investor.
  • Why Are Crypto Companies Contributing To Super PACs?: Why are crypto companies contributing to super PACs?
  • JPMorgan Adds Crypto Policy Head After Dimon 'Ponzi Scheme' Quip: JPMorgan has hired a new head of crypto regulatory policy after CEO Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin a "ponzi scheme."
  • EU Homing In on Iran Sanctions Yet Again: The European Union is considering new sanctions on Iran, despite previous attempts to salvage the nuclear deal.
  • How to Get Alerts of New Crypto Listings: How to get alerts of new crypto listings.
  • Fiat vs Crypto: How Crypto Will Affect Money Printing: Fiat vs crypto: How crypto will affect money printing.
  • This Crypto Stock Just Got a Huge Nod of Approval: This crypto stock just got a huge nod of approval.
  • Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?: Is cryptocurrency a good investment?
  • Why Silvergate Capital Had a Volatile Day on Wednesday: Why Silvergate Capital had a volatile day on Wednesday.
  • Better Buy: Ethereum vs. Solana: Ethereum and Solana are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies. but which one is a better investment?
  • Why Block Stock Slipped Today: Why Block stock slipped today.
  • 2 Semiconductor Stocks With 149% to 178% Upside, According to Wall Street: 2 semiconductor stocks with 149% to 178% upside, according to Wall Street.
  • Best Casino Canada for Real Money with High Payouts: Best casino Canada for real money with high payouts.
  • Crypto Rules Likely To Follow European Models As U.S. Fiddles: Crypto rules are likely to follow European models as the U.S. government fiddles.