Tesla Poised for Near-Record Earnings as Demand Concerns Loom

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Welcome to today's edition of the news. In today's headlines, we learn about cockatoos getting smarter, the risks associated with mortgage debt during a recession, Republicans gaining momentum, the debate over whether Netflix movies should be shown in theaters, and Tesla's expected earnings. We also learn about the first Asian American featured on a U.S. coin, a company acquiring electric last mile solutions assets out of bankruptcy, DC officials trading stocks with exquisite timing, Nestlé acquiring Seattle's Best Coffee, LNG freight rates hitting $450,000 a day, real-estate agents using TikTok and Instagram Reels to market properties and themselves, and a chip maker considering expanding to Japan. Finally, we learn about AI art generators and the amazing (and sometimes terrifying) results they produce.


  1. A study has found that cockatoos are getting smarter, and some worry that this could mean trouble for humans down the road.
  2. Amid concerns of a potential recession, mortgage debtors are feeling the pressure as default rates rise.
  3. Republicans are gaining momentum heading into the next election cycle.
  4. The great NETFLIX debate: should its movies be released in theaters, or stick to streaming?
  5. Tesla is poised for a near-record earnings report, but some are concerned about future demand.
  6. Anna May Wong, an early Hollywood star, is featured on a U.S. coin for the first time.
  7. Mullen Automotive is set to acquire Electric Last Mile Solutions assets out of bankruptcy.
  8. Some DC officials are under fire for trading stocks with exquisite timing, just as the Covid pandemic hit.
  9. Nestlé is acquiring Seattle’s Best Coffee brand from Starbucks.
  10. LNG freight rates have hit an all-time high of $450,000 a day due to disruptions in Russia.
  11. Real-estate agents are increasingly turning to TikTok and Instagram Reels to market properties and themselves.
  12. Chip maker TSMC is weighing an expansion into Japan in order to reduce geopolitical risk.
  13. A new AI art generator can create images of anything you can think of—with results that are both amazing and terrifying.