Midterms 2022: Democrats and Republicans Vie for Control of Congress

Today's News

Welcome to the news. In today's headlines, we have news about the midterm elections, a contract to bus migrants, a judge blocking a state law, and more. Let's get started.


  • A city in Texas approves a $2 million contract to bus migrants to other towns, seeking federal reimbursement.
  • The 2022 midterm elections are coming up, and Democrats and Republicans are vying for control of Congress.
  • A Montana judge has blocked a state law that would have required transgender surgery in order to change one's birth certificate.
  • Chargers' Brandon Staley praises Justin Herbert after a gritty performance, and gives an update on an injury.
  • The Senate GOP's re-election arm is taking aim at Democrats Hassan and Warnock in a new multi-million dollar ad blitz.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is lying in state, and the queue to see her has reached 22 hours. King Charles III visits Wales.
  • The "woke establishment" is targeting "MAGA" Republicans.
  • Jonathan Swan says that there is no other politician in the country that can fill a 10,000 seat arena like Donald Trump.
  • Vivek Ramaswamy is investigating a nation of victims.
  • The Emmys have hit a new low.
  • A Democratic mayor says that coach class is unsafe for black women.
  • Chadwick Moore says that liberals lost their minds over just 50 illegal migrants being sent to Martha's Vineyard.
  • Evening Edition: A United China and Russia multiplies threats from both.
  • Brandon Judd says that it is not a secure border when more than a million people have been able to enter our country illegally and evade apprehension.
  • Former Secretary of State Pompeo talks about defending US values "everywhere and always."
  • Dagen McDowell blasts Biden's White House 'Inflation Reduction' Party, saying "You could not come up with a worse event at a worse time."
  • CNN and Politico both say that the "go woke, go broke" mantra applies to news organizations.
  • Philadelphia voters say that Fetterman's health won't impact their vote, citing Biden's age and health as examples.
  • A Super Bowl champion coach jabs Aaron Rodgers for his bad attitude after a loss to the Vikings.
  • A Fox News contributor says that the Russian military is proven to be like Belgium "with nuclear weapons."
  • An actress claims that America is now worse than the "make believe" world of "The Handmaid's Tale" because of abortion.
  • Sean Hannity says that an ultra-wealthy liberal enclave is descending into chaos.
  • Chiefs rookie Jaylen Watson makes a game-changing play in his first career start.
  • Alyssa Thomas has a historic performance in the WNBA Finals, staving off elimination for her team.
  • A Suns exec calls for the resignation of Robert Sarver following a suspension and an investigation, saying "Words and actions matter."
  • The brother of a Marlins rookie has a rambunctious celebration after his brother hits his first home run.
  • Tucker Carlson asks why no one in Martha's Vineyard is talking about the migrants being sent there.
  • Jesse Watters says that everyone knew that conservatives were right during the pandemic.
  • The Chiefs are victorious in a battle against the Chargers, in a game between two young phenom quarterbacks.
  • A political digital strategist says that there is an "unholy alliance" between media and Big Tech.