Hasidic schools spark fierce debate

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Here are some of the top stories from today, Wednesday, September 16th.


  • The Senate will not vote on a same-sex marriage bill until after the midterm elections.
  • A Fox Nation special explores the long history and significance of the British monarchy.
  • Northeastern University 'detonation' victim denies staging explosion as police probe inconsistencies: Report.
  • 'Chicago Fire' shooting was 'unbelievable,' funeral home director says real blaze nearby made scene 'chaotic.'
  • Democrats reject Graham's 'radical' plan to allow abortion up to 15 weeks.
  • GoFundMe donations pour in for teen ordered to pay alleged rapist's family $150K.
  • Harris speaks against hate in 'United We Stand' summit as White House slams 'MAGA Republicans'.
  • “The American Public Is Fed Up”: Senator Rick Scott On Worsening Inflation.
  • Fact-Checkers Won’t Touch Karine Jean-Pierre BS!.
  • The Queen’s Legacy & Future Of The Monarchy.
  • Rep. Kat Cammack: Kamala Harris Should Actually Go Visit The Southern Border Before Calling It Secure.
  • Katie Pavlich Torches White House For Phony Outrage Over Republican Governors Sending Migrants To Blue States.
  • Getting Real With Pete Hegseth & Will Cain.
  • Madison Gesiotto Gilbert: People Feel Like Their Elected Officials Aren’t Listening To Them On The Issues.
  • Jimmy Discusses Kamala Harris’ Climate Change Hypocrisy On ‘Fox and Friends First’.
  • David Byler & The State of The Midterms.
  • Evening Edition: Rail Strike And Supply Chain Disaster Averted…For Now.
  • Gen. Keith Kellogg Slams ‘Wokeness’ And ‘Politicization’ Of America’s Military: ‘I Couldn’t Tell People In A Straight Face, Yeah, You Got To Join The Military’.
  • Man who Beheaded CA Woman ALSO an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!.
  • Seattle police officers injured in fire, barricade incident leaving one victim and suspect dead.
  • San Francisco DA will charge teens as adults only in 'heinous' cases that 'shock conscience' of community.
  • 'Chicago Fire' halts production after shooting near set in Oak Park, police confirm shooter 'fled scene'.
  • MSNBC guest says Republican Party has been 'leaning' toward 'fascism' for '7 decades'.
  • Inflation 'loves Biden like the Devil loves sin': Sen. John Kennedy.
  • Salman Rushdie stabbing: New York DA wants witness names withheld until trial.
  • On this day in history, Sept. 15, 1950, US troops land at Inchon, turning the tide of the Korean War.
  • I'm an NCAA champion female swimmer and we have to protect girls, women from Biden's destruction of Title IX.
  • Pressure builds on Prince Harry as the people of Sussex petition to remove his and Meghan's titles.
  • NY Times report, ACLU reaction to report on Hasidic schools spark fierce debate.
  • North Carolina's lottery numbers for Wednesday, Sept. 14.