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Today's News

In today's news, we see a variety of stories ranging from domestic to international issues. Starting domestically, we have a story on the potential consequences of indicting President Trump, as well as a story on migrant ships being sent to Martha's Vineyard.Moving on to international news, we have a story on a draft effort in Armenia amid renewed clashes with Azerbaijan, and finally a story on Ken Starr's role in the election of Donald Trump.


  1. "Every day feels like something else is piling on": Trump world bears down - This article discusses how members of Trump's inner circle are feeling the stress of the various investigations and allegations against the president.

  2. Trump warns of 'problems' like 'we've never seen' if he's indicted - In this article, Trump warns that there could be serious consequences if he is indicted in any of the ongoing investigations.

  3. DeSantis ships migrants to Martha's Vineyard - This article discusses how Florida governor Ron DeSantis is sending migrants to Martha's Vineyard in an effort to relieve overcrowding at Florida detention facilities.

  4. Trump’s Save America paid $3 million to cover top lawyer’s legal work - This article discusses how Trump's campaign paid $3 million to cover the legal fees of one of its top lawyers.

  5. DeSantis draft effort pushes ahead after campaign finance watchdog deadlocks - This article discusses how Florida governor Ron DeSantis' efforts to draft a new campaign finance law are proceeding after a state watchdog agency deadlocked on the issue.

  6. Montana defies order on transgender birth certificates - This article discusses how Montana is defyi