Crypto lender Voyager settles with executives who approved risky loan

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It's been a busy day in the world of crypto and blockchain. Let's take a look at some of the biggest stories from the past 24 hours.


  • Crypto Weekly: not feeling the chill - a recap of the week'scryptocurrency news, prices, and happenings
  • Crypto lender Voyager settles with executives who approved risky loan - after an internal investigation, the crypto lending startup Voyager has agreed to settle with the executives who approved a risky loan
  • Cryptoverse: Flurry of funds bet on bruised bitcoin's allure - despite a recent slump in prices, a number of big investors are betting on bitcoin's long-term potential
  • Dow jumps 600 points as US stocks extend big rally amid upbeat earnings - strong earnings reports from a number of major companies drove stocks higher on Tuesday
  • CEO David Solomon is restructuring Goldman Sachs again. Here's who wins — and who loses — from the leadership reshuffle. - an overview of the winners and losers from Goldman Sachs' latest round of executive restructuring
  • How Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 Institutions Can Accelerate Mass Adoption - a look at how crypto and blockchain organizations can speed up the adoption of new technologies
  • What Are Blue-Chip Cryptos? Are They Worth Investing In? - a look at so-called "blue-chip" cryptocurrencies and whether they are a good investment
  • 10 Tuesday AM Reads - a roundup of the day's news
  • Shardeum, an Ethereum virtual machine-based sharded blockchain co-founded by Nischal Shetty, a co-founder of the crypto exchange WazirX, raised an $18.2M seed (Brandy Betz/CoinDesk) - a recap of the week's news in the world of cryptocurrencies
  • Stardust, which makes developer tools for building blockchain-based games, raised a $30M Series A led by Framework Ventures (Hannah Miller/Bloomberg) - a look at the latest fundraising round for the blockchain-based gaming startup Stardust
  • Finding Opportunities in the Distress of Crypto Bankruptcies - a look at how investors can find opportunities in the current slump in the cryptocurrency market
  • Why Shares of Silvergate Capital Are Falling Today - a look at why shares of the bank Silvergate Capital are falling today
  • 3 Painful Crypto Investment Lessons From The Merge - a look at some of the lessons investors can learn from the recent cryptocurrency market slump
  • 2 Cryptocurrencies That Are Down 80% and Ready to Pop - a look at two cryptocurrencies that have been hard hit by the recent market slump but could be poised for a rebound
  • Quant (QNT) Crypto Takes a Breather After Surging to New Yearly Highs - a look at the recent price action for the cryptocurrency Quant
  • 3 Facts About Polygon You Should Know - a look at some of the key facts investors should know about the cryptocurrency Polygon
  • Better Buy: Ripple vs. Shiba Inu - a comparison of two of the most popular cryptocurrencies
  • Signature Bank (SBNY) Q3 2022 Earnings Call Transcript - a transcript of the earnings call for the bank Signature Bank
  • The Quiet Political Rise of David Sacks, Silicon Valley’s Prophet of Urban Doom - a look at the political rise of David Sacks, a major player in the world of startups and tech
  • Celsius, The Trouble With Crypto - a look at the controversy surrounding the cryptocurrency Celsius
  • Attack Of The Crypto Bots | SEC Investigates Bored Apes Creator - the SEC is investigating the creator of a popular cryptocurrency trading bot
  • ‘Solana Killer’—A Radical New $2 Billion ‘Facebook Spinoff’ Cryptocurrency Is Coming Despite The Huge Bitcoin, Ethereum And Crypto Price Crash - a look at a new cryptocurrency that is being developed despite the recent market slump
  • More Than $750 Million' Worth Of Bitcoin Has Left Crypto Exchanges Today - a look at the outflow of bitcoin from cryptocurrency exchanges today
  • Silvergate Stock Tumbles As 3Q Deposits Retreat For Banker To Crypto Exchanges - a look at how the bank Silvergate is being affected by the recent slump in the cryptocurrency market
  • Tilia Secures Strategic Investment From J.P. Morgan, Spins Out Of Linden Lab - the blockchain startup Tilia has secured an investment from J.P. Morgan and is spinning out of Linden Lab
  • We’re Going Through A Machine Identity Crisis - a look at the rising issue of machine identity theft
  • The Soho House Of Web3 Launches In Paris And Everyone’s Invited - a look at the launch of the Soho House of Web3 in Paris
  • Five Reasons Big Companies Are Having An Impact On The Arrival Of Web3 - a look at how big companies are helping to drive the adoption of new web technologies
  • Bitcoin ETF Case Gives Friends Of Grayscale Another Chance To Show Support - a look at how the pending decision on a bitcoin ETF is giving supporters of Gr