The Woke Run Your Library: Things Are Getting Very Scary Now

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  • The ad campaign by an Iowa Republican features him giving Biden 'the bird' in an effort to get him voted out of office.
  • A warrant was served at the home of Los Angeles County Supervisor Kuehl after she was accused of various crimes.
  • The judge in the Parkland shooting trial lashed out at defense lawyers after they rested their case, calling their actions 'insulting.'
  • NBA champ Matt Barnes believes Robert Sarver was 'perfect candidate' to get kicked out of NBA because of his history of racially charged remarks.
  • Law enforcement is turning to new tech solutions to help cops in the field, including body-worn cameras and real-time crime centers.
  • Senators Graham and Blumenthal have called for Russia to be added to the list of state sponsors of terrorism, citing their crimes as 'genocide.'
  • The FBI has charged three Iranians in connection with cyber attacks targeting US government and power companies.
  • White House's Big Inflation Reduction Act Celebration is insulting to people's intelligence, says Kennedy.
  • The woke members of society are now in control of the library, and things are getting very scary.
  • Ashley Webster breaks down the day's global headlines.
  • President Biden's few media appearances are part of a deliberate strategy, according to experts.
  • Parents sound off on Joe's Title IX changes!
  • Brian Stelter goes to Harvard to learn about the media landscape.
  • Karol Markowicz blasts Biden WH for trying to rewrite history on COVID school closures.
  • Herschel Walker slams Raphael Warnock for voting with Biden '96%' of the time.
  • Mark Brnovich says that Biden and Harris are strategically ignoring the crisis at the southern border.
  • Kiely Rodni, who was found dead in a volunteer dive team's search, is suspected of foul play.
  • A 4.4 magnitude earthquake hits northern California, but no major damage is reported.
  • Prince Harry's tell-all book is expected to reveal details about his relationship with the royal family.
  • Republicans think Trump will be a midterm kingmaker, but Democrats think he may be a spoiler.
  • Pennsylvania voters reveal what will tip the state red or blue in November.
  • Aaron Judge hits two home runs to inch closer to history.
  • Tom Brady's 'that mother f---er' mystery appears to have been solved.
  • Tom Brady says that he is still motivated to play football because he doesn't feel like he has 10 years left.
  • The 'delusional elite' show their mismanagement in the wake of Biden inflation bill party, says Blake Masters.
  • Vivek Ramaswamy says that the New York Times might be better off having people work from home.
  • Robert Dawson, accused of killing wife on Fiji honeymoon, is ordered held with no bail.
  • What makes Ohio US Senate candidate Tim Ryan a 'lying fraud': Senate candidate JD Vance.
  • Chris Hayes warns ‘MAGA authoritarian lackeys’ will weaponize the DOJ for ‘Trump’s personal use and power.