Queen's casket arrives at Buckingham Palace

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  • The casket of Queen Elizabeth II arrives at Buckingham Palace ahead of her funeral.
  • The first railroad union in the United States votes to authorize a strike.
  • Biden faces an looming economic disaster that he could actually stop if he wanted to.
  • U.S. indicts Iranian hackers for attacks on critical infrastructure.
  • Despite misgivings, the GOP rallies behind a MAGA-supported Senate candidate in New Hampshire.
  • Top GOP Senate candidates gather for a series of fundraisers.
  • Conservatives aim to sweep state superintendent offices in November.
  • 5 final takeaways from the 2022 primaries.
  • Hidden hand involved in Stewart Rhodes' bid to derail Oath Keepers Jan. 6 trial.
  • Rubio is embracing a federal abortion ban, which Florida Democrats see as an opening.
  • Judge won't force disclosure of records on an alleged episode with Hunter Biden's gun.
  • GOP pollster warns the party that total abortion bans will alienate voters.
  • UPDATED: Some Amtrak, commuter lines to shutter if freight rail network shuts down.
  • U.S.-Taiwan bill sails through Senate panel despite White House misgivings.
  • Kagan repeats warning that the Supreme Court is damaging its legitimacy.
  • Judge temporarily blocks Ohio law banning most abortions.
  • Chip Roy scorned Mehmet Oz for focusing on same-sex marriage instead of inflation and the border. Pennsylvania Republicans are agreeing with Roy's point.
  • Fetterman campaign agrees to Oct. 25 debate with Oz.
  • California sues Amazon over third-party contracting.
  • POLITICO Playbook: Did Lindsey Graham just score an own goal on abortion?
  • Congress wants in on Trump oversight. It may get stiff-armed.
  • Republicans push for delay on same-sex marriage vote.
  • The Black conservative who's challenging Stefanik for House GOP leadership.
  • What If Doctors Are Better at Treating Domestic Abuse Than Cops?
  • ‘I Love Digging Up Stories’: Remembering Jeff German.
  • Congress after dark: softball and spelling.
  • Chamber taps Jenkins to lead Hill lobbying.
  • Biden admin officials worried about potential polio spread.
  • Biden administration officials take bipartisan flak on monkeypox response.
  • Can California’s abortion protections survive a federal ban?