Royal Family Unites to Take Queen's Coffin to Public Viewing

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Here are the top headlines for September 15, 2022.


  • A group of teens are shown wearing ROLLING STONES T-Shirts, but none of them can name a song by the band
  • Prosecutors say that the conviction of Adnan Syed for murder should be vacated
  • The Chinese Investment Bank CICC plans to raise a large amount of capital to bolster its business
  • McDonald's CEO raises concerns about crime in Chicago and how it could affect the company's business
  • The royal family unites to take the Queen's coffin to a public viewing
  • The White House is exploring rail-freight alternatives as a possible strike looms
  • Luxury brands are spending more on marketing, despite economic uncertainty
  • The railroad union says that workers voted against a proposed labor deal as a strike looms
  • Google loses most of its appeal of the EU's Android decision