Why the Ethereum Merge is Imminent and What It Means

Today's News

Today's news is dominated by stories about the cryptocurrency industry and the recent market volatility. Police have issued an arrest warrant for Do Kwon, the CEO of TerraUSD, following the implosion of the company's token. The Ethereum Merge is also imminent, and experts are predicting that it could have a big impact on the crypto market. Meanwhile, Mark Mobius, a legendary investor, has said that the Fed will hike interest rates if inflation stays high.


  • Alleged capital markets law violations by Terra founder Do Kwon lead to an arrest warrant being issued by police.
  • The Ethereum merge is a significant event that could have a major impact on the cryptocurrency world.
  • Web3 gaming experts believe that blockchain gaming has the potential to take crypto mainstream, but there are some obstacles to widespread adoption.
  • Mark Mobius says that if inflation stays high, the Fed will raise interest rates as high as 9%.
  • SWIFT is testing a blockchain project with crypto startup Symbiont to drive "efficiencies in communicating significant corporate events".
  • Starbucks will offer its rewards app users a portal to Web3.
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