World's Architects Flocking to Saudi Arabia to Try Their Most Inventive Ideas

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With BTS members set to begin their military service in South Korea, Jeremy Hunt reversing nearly all of his tax plans in the U.K., and architects flocking to Saudi Arabia, today was a day of big news.


-BTS Members to Undertake Military Service in South Korea, With Jin Set to Be First: This article covers the recent news that the popular South Korean boy band BTS will be required to serve in the military for two years.

  • U.K. Treasury Chief Jeremy Hunt Reverses Nearly All Tax Plans to Reassure Markets: This article covers the recent news that the U.K.'s Treasury chief has reversed nearly all of the tax plans that he had previously announced.
  • Xi Jinping's Ideological Ambition Darkens China's Economic Prospects: This article covers Xi Jinping's recent speech at the Communist Party Congress and how his ambitions are seen as darkening China's economic prospects.
  • Florida Coastal Living Reshaped by Hurricane Housing Codes: This article covers how Florida's hurricane housing codes have reshaped coastal living in the state.
  • Ubiquitous South Korea App Goes Offline, Raising Fresh Concerns Over Tech Giants: This article covers the recent news that the popular South Korean app KakaoTalk has gone offline, raising concerns over the country's dependence on tech giants.
  • World’s Architects Are Flocking To Saudi Arabia To Try Their Most Inventive Ideas: This article covers how Saudi Arabia is becoming a hot spot for architects from around the world to showcase their most inventive ideas.
  • CEO of Anti-Woke Bank Startup Resigns...: This article covers the recent resignation of the CEO of an anti-woke bank startup.
  • Satellite Mobile Phones Have a Long—and Not So Illustrious—Past: This article covers the history of satellite mobile phones.
  • FlyExclusive Strikes SPAC Deal to Go Public at $600 Million Valuation: This article covers the recent news that FlyExclusive, a private jet membership club, has struck a deal to go public at a $600 million valuation.