Crisis in France as fuel shortages worsen, students apply for loan relief, and the housing market struggles




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Welcome to today's top stories. In our first story, we analyze whether the finger pointing around January 6 was due to a failure of intelligence or a political failure. Then, we take a look at the French government in crisis talks as fuel shortages worsen. Next, we have eligible student loan borrowers can now apply. After that, we uncover 1,300 ancient breads. Then, we fact check how Democratic ads mislead on four GOP candidates' abortion stances. Finally, we ask what a Kroger-Albertsons merger would mean for grocery prices.


  1. Analysis: With renewed finger pointing around January 6, was there a failure of intelligence or a political failure?
  2. French government in crisis talks as fuel shortages worsen
  3. Eligible student loan borrowers can now apply
  4. Baker uncovers 1,300 ancient breads
  5. Fact check: How Democratic ads mislead on four GOP candidates' abortion stances
  6. What would a Kroger-Albertsons merger mean for grocery prices?
  7. Dow soars back above 30,000
  8. EU produces record wind and solar energy as it shirks Russian gas
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United isn't working for either party
  10. More than 600 killed in Nigeria's worst flooding in a decade
  11. In pictures: Kyiv drone attacks
  12. She asked a stranger for directions on vacation. Two weeks later they were engaged
  13. Feud? What feud? Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez pose together at gala
  14. Early voting begins in Georgia with slate of key races on the ballot
  15. New UK finance minister races to calm markets with quick reset
  16. The housing market is a mess, but this isn't 2008
  17. Arizona Attorney General's office asks for federal investigation of conservative nonprofit True the Vote
  18. US trying to speed up delivery of key air defense systems to Ukraine after Russia's Iranian-supplied drone attacks
  19. 'Game-changer' for millions of Americans: You can now buy hearing aids over the counter
  20. January 6 committee member says panel will ask former Secret Service agent to testify again
  21. Analysis: Ukraine looks anxiously towards its northern border and a fresh influx of Russian troops into Belarus
  22. Ezra Miller pleads not guilty to burglary charges in Vermont
  23. Mikaben, Haitian singer, dead at age 41 after collapsing on stage
  24. 'She Said' premieres five years after Harvey Weinstein story broke
  25. Inmates say guards fired tear gas after deadly blaze at Iranian prison
  26. Hong Kong protester allegedly beaten at Chinese consulate in UK
  27. Herschel Walker defends use of 'honorary' police badge in Georgia Senate debate
  28. Xi Jinping's speech: yes to zero-Covid, no to market reforms?
  29. Netflix defends 'The Crown' after former prime minister describes Season 5 scenes as 'barrel-load of nonsense'
  30. Radioactive material found at Missouri elementary school more than 22 times expected amount