Bitcoin, NFTs, and Astrology: The Latest in the World of Crypto




Today's News

There's been a lot of news in the world of cryptocurrency lately. Here's a rundown of some of the biggest stories.


-Bitcoin Fails To Produce 1 Block For Over An Hour: For the first time in years, Bitcoin fails to produce a block for over an hour, causing speculation among investors.

  • The First-Ever Tweet in NFT Format Sold for $2.9 Million in March 2021. The Most Recent Bid Is $132.: The first tweet ever sold in NFT format is currently being bid on for $2.9 million. The most recent bid is $132.
  • Popular Astrologer Under Fire For Working With Crypto Lender Celsius Network: A popular astrologer is under fire for working with the crypto lender Celsius Network.
  • Former FBI Director Said Blockchain Is Easier to Trace Than Paper Money: former FBI director said that blockchain is easier to trace than paper money.
  • Stablecoin Mechanics 2: We found the Tether-Celsius loans: In a follow up to the first article, we investigate the Tether-Celsius loans and find that they may not be as stable as we thought.
  • How to hide your IP address: a field guide to VPNs, proxies, & traffic relaying: This guide provides instructions on how to hide your IP address using VPNs, proxies, and traffic relaying.
  • The Best Velvet Couches (for Bisexuals, Aesthetes, and Everyone Else): This guide provides a list of the best velvet couches for bisexuals, aesthetes, and everyone else.
  • A Rare Bitcoin Intraday Swing Is a Fillip for Jaded Crypto Bulls: A rare Bitcoin intraday swing is a fillip for jaded crypto bulls.
  • Is Bitcoin a Hedge Against Inflation?: Analysts debate whether Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation.
  • Crypto Surges: Is Now the Time to Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cronos?: Cryptocurrencies are surging, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cronos all seeing gains. Is this a good time to buy?
  • Why Silvergate Capital Stock Was as Good as Gold Today: Silvergate Capital stock was as good as gold today.
  • Remote desktop services targeted by devious ransomware: Remote desktop services are being targeted by devious ransomware.
  • Bitcoin As A Human Rights Platform: Bitcoin is being touted as a human rights platform.
  • Silvergate Finally Catching Crypto-Winter Chill: Silvergate is finally catching the crypto-winter chill.
  • PayPal, Kanye And CBDCs: PayPal, Kanye West, and CBDCs.
  • Mastercard Is Bringing Crypto Trading To Your Bank: Mastercard is bringing crypto trading to your bank.
  • Andreessen Horowitz's Crypto Lobbying Blitz Is Paying Off: Andreessen Horowitz's crypto lobbying blitz is paying off.
  • The Most Important Things To Understand About This Crypto Winter: The most important things to understand about this crypto winter.
  • "Bitcoin as safe haven" theory crumbles: The "bitcoin as safe haven" theory crumbles.
  • Binance to Launch Cloud Mining Business in November: Binance is launching a cloud mining business in November.
  • Crypto Fans Want Kanye West to Launch His Own Currency: Crypto fans want Kanye West to launch his own currency.
  • Market Wrap: Bitcoin and Ether Start the Week Higher: Bitcoin and Ether start the week higher.
  • Fed Pivot May Not Bring Immediate Relief to Bitcoin: The Fed's pivot may not bring immediate relief to Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin Climbs Over $19.5K Amid Wider Rally in Riskier Assets: Bitcoin climbs over $19.5K amid wider rally in riskier assets.
  • First Mover Americas: Technical Signs Flashing Green for Bitcoin and Ether, Quant Network's Token Surges 14%: Technical signs are flashing green for Bitcoin and Ether, with Quant Network's token surging 14%.
  • First Mover Asia: A Pan-Asian Digital Currency? Good Luck Getting Rivals to Cooperate; Cryptos Hold Steady in Weekend Trading: A Pan-Asian digital currency? Good luck getting rivals to cooperate; cryptos hold steady in weekend trading.
  • Why Are So Many Crypto Execs Leaving?: Why are so many crypto execs leaving?
  • France to Explore Crypto Tax Treatment Next Year: France is exploring crypto tax treatment next year.
  • Quant Network's QNT Token Enters Top 30 Crypto List With an Envious 'Overbought' Status: Quant Network's QNT token enters the top 30 crypto list with an enviable "overbought" status.