The JIG’S UP For The World Economy

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Welcome to the news summary for October 18th, 2022. Below, you'll find today's top stories.


  1. Bitcoin fails to produce a block for over an hour, leading to concerns about the cryptocurrency's future.
  2. The CEO of Binance is under fire for his lack of verbal compliments to employees.
  3. The CEO of Binance published a 6,000-word memo explaining his principles and how he runs the world's biggest crypto exchange. Here are the 9 biggest takeaways.
  4. Dow soars 550 points in relief rally as investors weigh key earnings reports.
  5. US stocks jump after wild week as investors digest wave of corporate earnings reports.
  6. Wealthramp review: Connect with fee-only financial advisors.
  7. Popular astrologer under fire for working with crypto lender Celsius Network.
  8. The first-ever tweet in NFT format sells for $2.9 million in March 2021. The most recent bid is $132.
  9. Scede's Scaling So Far Podcast with Jonathan Siddharth.
  10. Mighty Bear Games will give away free NFTs for its Web3 game.
  11. Stablecoin Mechanics 2: We found the Tether-Celsius loans.
  12. The best velvet couches (for bisexuals, aesthetes, and everyone else).
  13. FDA announces Adderall shortage.
  14. Exciting new tools for designers, October 2022.
  15. Gaming companies are not sure they need an NFT strategy.
  16. A rare Bitcoin intraday swing is a fillip for jaded crypto bulls.
  17. Can Solana replace PayPal?
  18. Why Silvergate Capital stock was as good as gold today.
  19. Crypto surges: is now the time to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cronos?
  20. Silvergate finally catching crypto-winter chill.
  21. Mastercard is bringing crypto trading to your bank.
  22. Andreessen Horowitz's crypto lobbying blitz is paying off.
  23. Real-time USD-Euro payments set to launch in 2023.
  24. Warning: this product contains cyber bugs.
  25. The JIG's up for the world economy.
  26. How to hire a PR or marketing agency for your venture-backed startup.
  27. The most important things to understand about this crypto winter.
  28. "Bitcoin as safe haven" theory crumbles.
  29. Inside effective altruism, where the far future counts a lot more more the present.