Hasidic Schools' Rights, Honda's Electric-Motorcycle Business, Columbia University's U.S. News College Rankings

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It's a busy day in news with a variety of stories from around the world. In the U.S., there's a new development in the fight for Hasidic schools' rights, while Honda is considering listing its electric-motorcycle business. There's also been an inflation data release that has caused stock futures to fall. In other parts of the world, Armenia and Azerbaijan have been clashing, testing Russia's support for its regional ally. And in the world of sports, Fanatics' upstart sports-gambling division has hired a marketing chief. Finally, Paramount is considering discontinuing its Showtime streaming service and merging with Paramount+.


  • What Rights Do Hasidic Schools Have?: This article discusses the controversy surrounding Hasidic schools and whether or not they should have the same rights as other private schools.
  • Honda Considers Listing for Electric-Motorcycle Business: This article discusses Honda's possible plans to list its electric-motorcycle business.
  • OPEC Reiterates Warning About Disconnected Oil Market: This article discusses OPEC's warning that the oil market is disconnected and how this could impact the global economy.
  • Columbia University Falls to No. 18 From No. 2 in U.S. News College Rankings: This article discusses how Columbia University has fallen in the U.S. News college rankings.
  • Stock Futures Fall After Inflation Data is Higher Than Expected: This article discusses how stock futures have fallen after inflation data was higher than expected.
  • Armenia, Azerbaijan Clashes Test Russia's Support for Regional Ally: This article discusses how the Armenia-Azerbaijan clashes are testing Russia's support for its regional ally.
  • Fanatics’ Upstart Sports-Gambling Division Hires Marketing Chief: This article discusses how Fanatics' upstart sports-gambling division has hired a marketing chief.
  • Paramount Considers Discontinuing Showtime Streaming Service, Merging With Paramount+: This article discusses Paramount's possible plans to discontinue its Showtime streaming service and merge with Paramount+.
  • Former Disney CEO Robert Iger to Join Venture Firm Thrive Capital: This article discusses how Robert Iger, the former CEO of Disney, is joining the venture firm Thrive Capital.