China President Stakes Out Ambitions, With Himself at Center, as Russian Troops in Belarus Spark Fears of New Front for Ukraine

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In China, President Xi Jinping has set out ambitious goals for his country for the next five years, with himself at the center, in what some are calling a "cult of personality."

Meanwhile, the presence of Russian troops in Belarus has sparked fears of a new front opening up in the Ukraine conflict.

On the economic front, economists are now expecting a recession and job losses in the US, while American executives at Chinese chip companies are in limbo following the US ban on exports to those firms.

And in California, the dryness of Shasta Lake is becoming a threat to the state after the lake helped provide water during the recent drought.


  • The article discusses how China's President Xi Jinping is focused on cementing his own power, and how this has worrying implications for the future.
  • Russian troops have been spotted in Belarus, raising fears that they may be preparing to launch an attack on Ukraine.
  • Economists are predicting that higher heating bills will hit American households hard this winter.
  • The drought in California is threatening the state's water supply, with Shasta Lake being a particularly affected area.
  • After Hurricane Ian hit, a salvage firm has been busy pulling yachts out of swimming pools and mangrove trees.
  • The article discusses how economists are now predicting a recession, and how this will lead to job losses.
  • Rupert Murdoch's media empire is set to elevate his son to a position of power, in a move that is being seen as a bet on the wisdom of scale.
  • American executives working for Chinese chip companies are in limbo after the US ban on doing business with the Chinese firms.