Emmys 2022: Best fashion from the red carpet




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Today's headlines include a study on the benefits of ketamine infusions for mental health, the upcoming auction of a 150 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton, and an analysis of labor unions' recent resurgence. Other stories include a look at Evangelical leaders' use of the Bible to combat climate change and a Senator's call for codifying same-sex marriage.


  • The study says that ketamine infusions can help relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation.
  • A 150 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton will be auctioned in Paris next month.
  • Opinion: Where Putin goes from here.
  • Emmys 2022: Best fashion from the red carpet.
  • 1 person dead and four others wounded in two separate shootings near Toronto.
  • How Evangelical leaders are citing the Bible to combat climate change.
  • How sunlight could turn seawater into freshwater for coastal communities.
  • 'False fall' arrives, but don't get too cozy, meteorologist says.
  • What to know about getting updated Covid-19 booster, flu shot at the same time.
  • Watch: Carlos Alcaraz on winning US Open.
  • Senator calls out GOP colleague's resistance to codify same-sex marriage.
  • Analysis: Why labor unions are having a moment right now.
  • Alex Jones heading to court again to face more families from Sandy Hook shooting.
  • Zelensky's words for Russia as Ukraine sweeps through northeast.
  • The best photos from the 2022 NFL season.
  • 50 million trapped in modern slavery due to pandemic, war, climate crisis, report finds.
  • Artillery hits near CNN crew's car as they head into key Ukrainian town.
  • Tigrayan forces accept immediate ceasefire and AU-led peace talks with Ethiopia.
  • Ukraine's victories are exciting Wall Street. The boost could soon fade.
  • US fears Russian energy manipulation could fracture European resolve on Ukraine.
  • Opinion: CVS Health CEO: It's time for business leaders to get serious about mental health.
  • Emmy Awards 2022: How to watch and more.
  • 'Don't piss women off': Democrat John Fetterman makes abortion rights push in Philadelphia suburbs.
  • Twitter pushes back at Elon Musk's attempt to exit deal over purported whistleblower payout.
  • Massive health care strike: 15,000 Minnesota nurses walk off the job.
  • US consumers expect inflation to fall sharply, survey shows.
  • Haiti prime minister announces gas hikes despite weeks of protests.
  • CDC moves Kenya to 'low' risk travel category. No new 'high' risk destinations for the second consecutive week.
  • Here are some projects getting money from Biden's infrastructure law.
  • US lawmakers question Twitter on security practices on eve of whistleblower testimony.