5 ways tech can help you feel safer at home

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As we remember the tragic events of September 11th, we reflect on the courageous first responders who risked their lives to save others. We also remember the heroes who emerged that day, including the story of “The Man in the Red Bandana.” In other news, Harrison Ford choked up while talking about his last Indiana Jones film, and tech can help you feel safer at home.


  • Harrison Ford chokes up while talking about his last 'Indiana Jones' film at Disney D23 expo, discussing how proud he is of the work
  • 5 ways tech can help you feel safer at home, including personal safety devices, home security systems, and more
  • From Washington: Remembering The Bravery Of First Responders On 9/11, including stories of heroism from that day
  • Kirk Cameron’s New Film, “Lifemark” Is About the Power of Choices, discussing how the film aims to inspire viewers to make wise choices in their lives
  • The Wise Men: The Respect Economy, discussing how the book aims to teach readers the importance of respecting others
  • The Story Behind ‘The Man in The Red Bandana,’ A 9/11 Hero, telling the story of Welles Crowther, a man who saved many lives on 9/11
  • California beheading victim identified, suspected killer is her child's father who had restraining order, discussing the tragic story of a mother who was killed by her child's father
  • Illinois mayor reacts to governor's 'ill-advised' comment inferring 'xenophobia' amid Chicago migrant crisis, discussing how the mayor is concerned about the governor's comments
  • JD Vance responds to what Jennifer Lawrence called him in Vogue, discussing how the author was mischaracterized in a recent article
  • Dan Bongino: America's voters are 'right where a dictator wants them to be', discussing how he believes the current political climate is ripe for a dictatorship
  • Kate Middleton tells mourners her 'sweet' Prince Louis, 4, told her the queen was 'with great-grandpa now', sharing a touching story about her young son
  • I'm a 'Fox & Friends' anchor but I'll never forget the hilarious thing my late father did in the grocery store, recounting a funny story about her father
  • Trump attorney who was former DOJ official questions department's appeal of special master, discussing how she believes the DOJ is mishandling the case
  • If Trump endorsed GOP nominees lose in November, does the former president take a 2024 hit?, discussing how Trump's endorsement could affect the Republican party's chances in the upcoming election
  • Texas jail vendor employee arrested for allegedly providing drugs to inmates, detailing the story of an employee who was caught smuggling drugs into a jail
  • Tom Brady likely to retire following 2022 season with Bucs: report, discussing how the NFL star quarterback is planning to retire in the next few years
  • Former fighter pilot Heather Penney recalls Vice President Cheney’s orders on 9/11 to stop Flight 93, recounting how she was tasked with stopping the hijackers on 9/11
  • Philadelphia braces for possibility migrant busses from Texas will be sent to city, discussing how the city is preparing for an influx of migrants
  • VP Harris blames GOP ‘election deniers’ for making US democracy 'weaker' through 'threats from within', condemning those who she believes are eroding democracy
  • Jackson mayor says federal funding 'insufficient' to address city's water infrastructure, discussing the city's water crisis and how the federal government is not doing enough to help
  • 9/11 family member 'reminds' politicians behind 'border' no one cared about 'gender, race': 'We were united', sharing how 9/11 brought people together regardless of differences
  • Bears, 49ers plagued with sloppy conditions as torrential rain slams Chicago, detailing how the heavy rain caused problems for the two NFL teams
  • Restaurant's attempt to honor 9/11 victims angers some customers, discussing how a restaurant's 9/11 themed menu offended some people
  • Mosquito Fire in California spreads to over 41,400 acres, forces thousands to evacuate, outlining the scope of the fire and the evacuation efforts
  • Steelers believe TJ Watt suffered devastating injury vs. Bengals: report, discussing how the NFL player may have suffered a serious injury
  • MSNBC columnist: 'Not clear why' Carnegie Mellon condemned professor’s wish for Queen’s 'excruciating' death, questioning the university's response to a professor's controversial comments
  • Tua Tagovailoa leads Dolphins to win in opener vs. Patriots, detailing how the NFL rookie quarterback helped his team to victory
  • Utah man arrested after police seize fentanyl, heroin, meth, stolen guns from Salt Lake City storage unit, outlining the charges the man is facing
  • Bengals' Joe Burrow has one of worst first-half performances in NFL history, detailing how the NFL player struggled in the first half of a game