Charles III proclaimed king at tradition-steeped ceremony

Today's News

Today was a busy day, with a lot of news happening both at home and abroad. In Spain, Charles III was proclaimed king at a ceremony steeped in tradition. Meanwhile, in the United States, the Trump administration and the Department of Justice are locked in a battle over the review of seized documents from Mar-a-Lago. On the domestic front, Jenni Byrne is just getting started in her new role as a political commentator, and Visa is introducing a new process for categorizing gun shop sales. Finally, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts spoke about the need for a return to normalcy at the SCOTUS.


  • Charles III is proclaimed king in a ceremony steeped in tradition.
  • Trump and the DOJ tangle over the appointment of a 'special master' to review seized documents from Mar-a-Lago.
  • Jenni Byrne is just getting started in her political career.
  • Ukraine breaks through the front line in the east, nearing the key town of Donetsk.
  • Visa will start categorizing gun shop sales separately from other retailers.
  • Roberts heralds a return to 'normalcy' at the Supreme Court.
  • The failure of Trump's social media site, 'Truth Social', says more about Trump than the site itself.
  • Republicans move to limit ballot measures, thwarting efforts to undo abortion restrictions.