Queen Elizabeth's Death: What It Means For The Royal Family And The Future Of The British Monarchy

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Today's headlines include stories on Los Angeles County DA George Gascon's opposition to bail for a Texas nurse charged with killing six in a fiery crash, an Illinois mayor's dissatisfaction with Chicago officials for not informing him about migrants sent to the town, and author Ashley Bisman's "Chasing Butterflies" love letter to her father years after he passed away on 9/11.


  • George Gascon, the District Attorney for Los Angeles County, has spoken out against bail for a Texas nurse charged with killing six people in a fiery car crash.
  • Illinois mayor Richard Daley says he is 'unhappy' with how Chicago officials failed to inform him about a group of migrants being sent to his town.
  • Author Ashley Bisman has penned a love letter to her father, titled "Chasing Butterflies," years after he died in the 9/11 attacks.
  • A commemorative 9/11 event is being held in Washington, D.C.
  • The future of the British monarchy is discussed.
  • Julie Banderas is the man.
  • An ex-bank robber discusses America's growing crime problem.
  • A preview of College football Week 2 is provided.
  • More than 150 people have been arrested in a sex sting in Florida. A Georgia cop has resigned in connection with the sting.
  • Carlos Alcaraz, a seventeen-year-old tennis player from Spain, has beaten American Frances Tiafoe to reach the final of the US Open.
  • A man in Chicago has been arrested for attempted kidnapping after he tried to pull a five-year-old girl away by her hair.
  • Queen Elizabeth's last days were full of fun, according to a clergyman.
  • Edwin Jackson, a Major League Baseball player, has announced his retirement.
  • Lakers owner Jeanie Buss wants to see LeBron James retire with the team.
  • Harvard students have criticized former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as 'politically opportunistic.'
  • Kamala Harris has said she 'can't wait' to end the Senate filibuster if Democrats win seats in the midterm elections.
  • Two Texas murder suspects who were out on bond have been arrested for the killing of a Houston deputy, authorities say.
  • The son of a 9/11 victim has spoken about his hunt for details about his father's death, and how it led him to abuse and drugs before he found redemption.
  • The two Georgia deputies who were shot and killed while serving a warrant have been identified.
  • Dame Joan Collins has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Childhood cancer takes a toll on families as well, and there are ways to help.
  • A rare 1967 Ford Mustang is being auctioned to raise money for veterans.
  • A senior editor for Politico has called for obituaries for pro-Trump lawmakers to include their votes to 'overturn the election.'
  • Kentucky running back Javin White is set to miss his second consecutive game due to an 'NCAA matter,' according to a report.
  • Eli Steele, a former Navy SEAL, discusses how Joe Biden's failure in Afghanistan and the bravery of the Fallen 13 changed his views on 9/11.
  • Senator Marco Rubio talks about his opponent Val Demings, student loan handouts, and Biden's MAGA comments.
  • Queen Elizabeth's funeral could be the 'last we see' of Prince Andrew with the royal family, according to a royal expert.
  • Scottie Scheffler, a professional golfer, has been surprised with the PGA Tour Player of the Year trophy prior to the Texas-Alabama game.
  • A former NYSE chairman reflects on the market's 9/11 reopening.
  • An MSNBC host has been criticized for using Queen Elizabeth's death to decry the 'horrors of colonialism.