Europe Holds Emergency Talks on Energy-Market Intervention

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It looks like the summer movie season may have fizzled out, with few blockbusters set to hit theaters in the fall. Meanwhile, Europe is holding emergency talks on energy-market intervention, and Dr. Amazon will soon be seeing patients online. Affordable Care Act health-plan premiums are also set to rise.


-Summer Movie Season Fizzles Out, With Few Fall Blockbusters: This article discusses how the summer movie season has failed to produce many blockbuster hits, and how this may impact the fall movie season.

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  • Dr. AMAZON Will See You Now: This article discusses how Amazon is now offering medical appointments through their website and app.
  • Europe Holds Emergency Talks on Energy-Market Intervention: This article discusses how European leaders are meeting to discuss possible intervention in the energy market.
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  • Affordable Care Act Health-Plan Premiums Set to Rise: This article discusses how premiums for health plans under the Affordable Care Act are set to rise.