Tributes Continue Around the World After the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

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Today is a big day for Apple fans as the new Apple Watch Series 8 and SE can be preordered. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before making your purchase. In other news, tributes continue to pour in from around the world following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Meanwhile, Sotomayor has ruled that Yeshiva University does not have to recognize an LGBTQ student group for now.


  • A look at the features and benefits of the new Apple Watch models
  • The story of a teacher who was abducted while out running
  • The worldwide reaction to the death of Queen Elizabeth II
  • A ruling on whether or not a university has to recognize an LGBTQ student group
  • The discovery of a new type of animal with fewer skull bones than fish
  • The surprising revelation that the movement of continental plates can control the timing of volcanic eruptions
  • The announcement that iCloud Shared Photo Library will not be launching with iOS 16
  • A rundown of the biggest announcements and trailer from Disney and Marvel's Games Showcase
  • The testimony of a man who was living with the woman whose bones were found in a bag
  • The findings of a study linking eyes with epiretinal membrane to worse vision outcomes
  • Daniel Ricciardo's thoughts on the upcoming Italian Grand Prix
  • Highlights from the UFC 279 official weigh-in
  • Mental health advocates say that safety plans are key in suicide prevention
  • A look at the legacy of public service that Queen Elizabeth has built over her decades-long reign
  • The Dow closes higher after a Fed-induced slide, and stocks snap a 3-week losing streak
  • UFC scraps main event after a star fighter misses weight by a huge margin
  • The beginning of the Carolean age in Britain as the country prepares for the Queen's death
  • An apology from a Quebec Liberal candidate for comments made about a PQ candidate who appeared in an explicit video