Why this year's midterms are like 'Sharknado,' according to Jake Tapper

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In today's news, we've got a new trailer for the upcoming movie 'Spirited', featuring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. We also have reports of NASA astronauts returning from the space station on a SpaceX capsule, and leading Palestinian factions signing a reconciliation deal.

In politics, we're seeing analysis of this year's midterms being compared to 'Sharknado', and the latest inflation data showing that Americans continue to be punished by rising prices. We're also seeing reaction to comments made by Anna Sorokin, who is currently in jail for defrauding people, as well as updates on the situation in Iran, where student protesters are being detained and sent to 'psychological institutions'.

In other news, we're seeing reports of a toxic chemical being found in sports bras, and a basketball robot that is learning to dribble. We're also seeing the release of a new song by the band Queen, and reports of Russia's 'kamikaze drones' being a new threat for Ukraine.


  • The new trailer for the Will Ferrell movie 'Spirited' features the actor getting back to his Christmas 'Elf'-ish roots, alongside Ryan Reynolds.
  • NASA astronauts are set to return from the International Space Station on a SpaceX capsule.
  • Leading Palestinian factions have signed a reconciliation deal, aiming to pave the way to elections.
  • Tapper: This year's midterms are like 'Sharknado' because of the high stakes and the chaotic nature of the campaigns.
  • The latest inflation data shows Americans continue to be punished by rising prices.
  • How much will Sandy Hook parents actually get from Alex Jones?
  • Regrets: Anna Sorokin tells Jake Tapper she has a few.
  • Iran sends detained student protesters to 'psychological institutions'.
  • Opinion: We received death threats for just trying to run a fair election.
  • 'I'll stay here': Tucci witnesses 1,000-flower honey.
  • High levels of toxic chemical found in sports bras, watchdog warns.
  • 3 takeaways from the January 6 hearing.
  • Singapore jails OnlyFans creator for defying police order to stay off the site.
  • More than 100,000 UK postal workers begin holiday season strikes.
  • After perfecting 3-pointers, this basketball robot is learning to dribble.
  • Queen release 'Face It Alone,' a rediscovered song featuring Freddie Mercury.
  • Russia's 'kamikaze drones': The latest threat for Ukraine.
  • Analysis: Russia is bruised. Can Ukraine land another blow?
  • OPEC could tip the world economy into recession, warns IEA.
  • Kim Jong Un talks up North Korea's nuclear threat after latest missile tests.
  • Hundreds killed in Nigeria floods, more than 1.4 million displaced.
  • 19th-century Levi's jeans found in mine shaft sell for more than $87,000.
  • Dwayne Johnson teases another superhero return in 'Black Adam'.
  • It's time for employers to stop caring so much about college degrees.
  • Alex Jones' conspiracy empire hangs in the balance after jury's nearly $1 billion award to Sandy Hook families.
  • 'Biophilic' skyscraper bursting with 80,000 plants opens.
  • New video shows Nancy Pelosi and other congressional leaders reacting to the Capitol attack.
  • The Supreme Court has rejected former President Donald Trump's request to intervene in a fight over Mar-a-Lago documents.
  • State Department: US citizen recently died in the Donbas region of Ukraine.
  • Ex-Trump staffer describes the moment she knew she was going to resign from her job.