Queen Elizabeth II’s Health Causes Doctors Concern

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Today's headlines include news on a family who bought an entire town, a new TV-news show, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, interest rates in Europe, and more.


  • A family who moved to a small town and then proceeded to purchase the entire town
  • A new tv-news company called RUMBLE that is trying to make a name for itself
  • King Charles III taking over for Queen Elizabeth II after her death and wanting to change things up for the monarchy
  • The European Central Bank raising interest rates in order to prevent a potential recession
  • Tesla making strides in the Chinese market for electric vehicles, but BYD is still ahead
  • Rivian and Mercedes partnering up to create an electric-van factory
  • The CEO of Snap Inc. recognizing the challenges ahead in terms of executing a turnaround
  • Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell affirming the need to take strong action to fight inflation
  • Facebook cutting its responsible innovation team
  • A review of the second-generation Apple AirPods Pro