At Least 40 States Are Investigating Celsius Crypto Platform Over Fraud Allegations

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As crypto investors face yet another day of losses, state securities regulators are seeking more transparency in the bankruptcy proceedings of Celsius, a popular crypto lending platform. Celsius is accused of misleading investors and faces investigations from at least 40 states. Meanwhile, El Salvador's experiment with making bitcoin a legal tender is struggling a year after its launch, and cybercriminals are targeting games popular with kids to distribute malware.


  • At Least 40 States Are All Investigating the Celsius Crypto Platform Over Fraud Allegations: Many states are investigating the Celsius crypto platform after allegations of fraud.
  • State securities regulators seek more transparency in Celsius crypto bankruptcy: Some state securities regulators are seeking more transparency from Celsius as it goes through bankruptcy proceedings.
  • A year on, El Salvador's bitcoin experiment is stumbling: El Salvador's experiment with using bitcoin as legal tender is not going well.
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