Michigan Judge Rules 1931 Law Criminalizing Abortion Unconstitutional,pauses F-35 Deliveries After Discovering Jet Component Came From China

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Welcome to today's edition of the news. In today's top stories, a Michigan judge rules that a 1931 law criminalizing abortion is unconstitutional, the Pentagon pauses F-35 deliveries after discovering jet components came from China, and Portland residents flee as homeless fill neighborhood parks and crime surges.


  • A Michigan judge has ruled that a 1931 law criminalizing abortion is unconstitutional.
  • The Pentagon has paused deliveries of the F-35 fighter jet after discovering that a component came from China.
  • Portland residents are fleeing as homeless people fill neighborhood parks and crime surges.
  • Texas Department of Public Safety officers have been referred to the inspector general for investigation after a shooting in Uvalde.
  • The governor of Mississippi says "privatization is on the table" as the state struggles with a water crisis.
  • Seattle students missed the first day of school as the teachers union launched a strike.
  • Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman has accepted an invitation to debate his opponent Scott Wagner.
  • Eliza Fletcher's abduction highlights the problem of violent crime in Memphis.
  • The police are searching the home of a Democrat official in connection with the stabbing of investigative journalist Jeff German.
  • Details have emerged of Canada mass stabbing suspect Myles Sanderson's extensive criminal history.
  • Aaron Judge has hit his 55th home run, setting a new record for the New York Yankees.
  • Former Attorney General Bill Barr has said that indicting Donald Trump would not be in the best interest of the country.
  • Representative James Comer has said that the Republicans will investigate Hunter Biden's financial records if they win the House in the midterm elections.
  • Social media "experts" are giving their opinions on the top stories of the day.
  • Jared Kushner is being credited with the Trump administration's successes.
  • Representative Tony Gonzales has said that the border crisis is "as bad as it's ever been".
  • A man who was critical of the pronouns used by a police officer has been arrested.
  • Brit Hume has said that there are legitimate doubts about whether John Fetterman is qualified to be a senator.
  • The RINO "View" is a segment on Fox News where the hosts discuss news from a conservative perspective.
  • Daniel Turner has said that Gavin Newsom is "basically imposing energy lockdowns" on California residents.
  • Eric Trump has said that more people turned out to a rally he gave in Pennsylvania than to one given by Joe Biden.
  • The suspect in the Eliza Fletcher murder case has a history of violence, including rape and assault.
  • Sean Hannity has said that the Democrats are avoiding their "failed record".
  • Newt Gingrich has warned Pennsylvanians about John Fetterman's "dangerous" politics.
  • A DNC adviser has said that it is "not political" to say that MAGA Republicans are a threat to democracy.
  • A golf player who was involved in a feud with the PGA Tour has had his perks taken away.
  • Hillary Clinton's nonprofit has given money to a group that wants to defund the police.
  • A YouTube star has been removed from the grounds of the US Open after a prank.
  • As more parents ditch classrooms, here are 5 tips for homeschooling the kids.