Tottenham 3-2 Eintracht Frankfurt: Heung-Min Son scores twice to send Spurs top of Champions League Group D

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Welcome to today's news. In today's headlines, we have Tottenham Hotspur's win over Eintracht Frankfurt in the Champions League, the Mar-a-Lago witness telling the FBI that boxes were moved at Trump's direction, the Liverpool rout of Rangers, the James Webb telescope solving a mystery, North Korea's test of cruise missiles, and a mid-air brawl on a Jetstar flight.


  • A description of the game between Tottenham and Eintracht Frankfurt, in which Heung-Min Son scored twice to send Spurs top of Champions League Group D.
  • A description of the Mar-a-Lago witness who told FBI that boxes were moved at Trump's direction.
  • A description of the game between Rangers and Liverpool, in which Mo Salah netted a SIX-MINUTE hat-trick as Reds return to form in style.
  • A description of the James Webb telescope and how it solves the mystery of the dusty star.
  • A description of North Korea's claim that it has test-fired cruise missiles which hit target 1,240 miles away.
  • A video of the mid-air brawl that broke out on an Aus Jetstar flight.
  • A description of the Victorian weather event that is causing flooding in Melbourne and the state's regions.
  • A description of the stock futures that are up as investors await inflation data.
  • A description of the NASA mission that crashed into an asteroid.
  • The starting lineups and pitching matchup for the Phillies vs. Braves NLDS Game 2.
  • A description of the Nasa launch that is scheduled for Artemis lunar test flight on Nov 14.
  • A description of the player ratings for Tottenham players, including three 9/10s and plenty 7/10s, as Son bags brace.
  • A description of the food prices that are simmering, up in September, and two-minute noodles among the culprits.
  • A description of how a pair of stars created a "fingerprint" in a photo taken by the James Webb Space Telescope.
  • A description of the UK's Brexit divorce bill, which stood at £36.7bn in 2021, according to an EU audit.
  • A description of the new Pixel 7's "Guided Frame" feature, which Google says will make taking selfies more accessible and equitable than ever.
  • A description of the game between Bristol City and Preston, in which Rob Atkinson scored twice to help Robins to victory at Ashton Gate.
  • A description of the community reaction after police identify the 2 officers killed in the Innisfil, Ont. shooting.
  • A description of the Mid-October weekend events, which include robots, art, music, spooks and cold lager.