Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster shut down: World's second-tallest roller coaster is permanently closing

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Welcome to the news for September 7th, 2022. Here are the stories making headlines today.


  • Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster shut down: World's second-tallest roller coaster is permanently closing
  • ‘Fat Leonard’ cuts ankle monitor weeks before sentencing in $35 million US Navy corruption scandal
  • White House press secretary grilled on tweet calling 2016 election 'stolen'
  • Never before seen footage of the Titanic wreckage released in 8k resolution
  • 'NCIS' star Pauley Perrette reveals she survived a massive stroke: 'I'm still here'
  • Taiwan offers to send emergency responders to China after devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake
  • Liz Truss becomes UK prime minister, Boris Johnson submits resignation to Queen Elizabeth
  • Colonoscopy screening by Heidi Klum raises awareness of process after she was 'late to the party'
  • A Willingness To Work
  • Ten Thousand Million Jobs
  • Border City Coroners Inundated with Deceased Migrants
  • Midterm Elections Take Centerstage As Fall Begins
  • Trump Judge Disrupts DOJ Probe, Granting Special Master
  • Will The Economy Determine The Midterms?
  • Tom Homan Sounds The Alarm Over Rainbow Colored Fentanyl Pills Targeting Kids
  • War On Ukraine: A Counteroffensive Launched In The South
  • Kevin Walling: Democrats Will Be In Trouble If The Midterms Are A Referendum On Biden’s Presidency
  • Bo Bichette blasts three homers in game two to cap doubleheader sweep over Orioles
  • 2 pitchers, each making MLB debut, make history with Monday's gems
  • Democrats try to rewrite history around school closings, reopenings amid learning loss
  • California judge from a powerful Democratic family declares mistrial for sleepy robbery defendant
  • 'The View' hosts praise Biden's anti-'MAGA Republican' language: 'How is that divisive?'
  • Senate race tightens in key midterm state, inflation and economy trump abortion as most important issue
  • 'Stranger Things' writers share unexpected Season 5 news on Twitter
  • Massachusetts primary election results 2022: Republicans and Democrats vote on nominees for governor, US House
  • The 2023 Honda Civic Type R is the brand's most powerful car sold in the U.S.
  • Gay marriage bill, other major issues sit in limbo as Senate returns from August recess
  • Maryland's highest court was 1 vote short of rejecting state legislative map
  • Kim Kardashian bares her backside for racy magazine cover, explains why she can relate to women behind bars
  • Jackson, Mississippi, water pressure is restored to 'normal' for most residents