21.co raises $25 million to value it at $2 billion

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Today's headlines cover a wide range of topics, from the possible benefits of living in a "country in the cloud" to the challenges facing the crypto real estate market. With so much going on, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some of the day's biggest stories.


  1. Would You Ditch All This Chaos for a Country in the Cloud?

  2. Crypto firm 21.co raises $25 million to value it at $2 billion

  3. Law firms seek to oust Roche Freedman from Tether crypto case

  4. Andreessen Horowitz Wants To Fix NFT Copyright With Its 'Can't Be Evil' License

  5. Wall Street banks' latest messages on return-to-office policies might seem flexible, but the underlying message is clear: Come back to your desks.

  6. Block extends Cash App's reach outside Square ecosystem

  7. How Crypto Education Can Boost the FinTech Industry

  8. These 7 Books Can Help You Make More Money and Advance Your Career

  9. The future of crypto is at stake in Ethereum’s switch

  10. A look at the crypto real estate market, as a growing pool of investors seek safer assets, and its challenges, such as money laundering and gyrating valuations (Joanna S Kao/Financial Times)

  11. Vulnerabilities in Crypto Security Have Investors Taking Notice


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  19. Ethereum Miners Eye Cloud, AI To Repurpose Equipment That The Merge Will Make Obsolete

  20. First Phase Of Ethereum Merge, Biggest Thing In Crypto Since Bitcoin, Goes Live

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  22. Ether Prices Rally As Bellatrix Upgrade Moves Ethereum One Step Closer To The Merge

  23. The Family Office Forum Serena Williams Attended Before The US Open And Why We Should Be Talking About It

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  25. LLVM 15.0 Released With Security Features, Experimental DirectX Back-End, New AMD GPUs

  26. Cosmos: Great Blockchain, Mediocre Investment

  27. First Mover Americas: Ether Outshines Bitcoin as Ethereum Merge Nears

  28. The Fed Wants You to Lose Money in Stocks and Probably Crypto, Too