Breaking: Former Defense leaders decry 'extremely adverse' political climate in lead-up to midterm elections

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It's September 7, which means that we're officially in the thick of election season. Today's headlines reflect that, with stories about voter mobilization, the battle for the Senate, and upcoming elections. In addition, there are stories about the Trump administration, Russia, and North Korea.


  • Community Change Action spending $10 million on midterm voter mobilization
  • Former Defense leaders speak out against political climate
  • Mass. GOP voters considering Trumpian policies
  • New Mexico bars commissioner from office for participating in insurrection
  • GOP tries to downplay Scott-Mc McConnell disagreement to avoid distraction during battle for Senate majority
  • Dems make gains in Senate
  • plans to spend millions to engage young voters in election
  • Oath Keepers' founder Rhodes changes lawyers, seeks delay in Capitol riot trial
  • The new, Breitbart-produced Hunter Biden film is a sign of the political wars to come
  • Oz says he doesn't support criminalizing abortion for patients, doctors
  • GOP still has good chance of maintaining House majority despite Dem gains
  • ‘They’re getting killed among women’: Skeptical female voters stand in way of GOP Senate
  • Russia buying weapons from North Korea to use in Ukraine
  • Trump's SPAC deal in limbo with extension deadline looming
  • CNN boss Licht makes first big hires...
  • Welcome to the general election
  • Democrats weigh gay marriage vote in pre-election sprint
  • Opinion | Trump’s Lawyers Might Think They Just Won. They Still Botched the Case.
  • Senate eases into September
  • It’s NDAA time, and cyber experts are looking ahead
  • Bourdeaux’s chief heads to theGROUP
  • Wake me up when September ends
  • Cardona’s Title IX rule draws more than 349K comments
  • Bennet barnstorms farms ahead of farm bill, election
  • Setting up the fall
  • The Biden administration is gambling that a little-studied vaccine can stop monkeypox
  • Fauci: Expect annual Covid-19 boosters to become the norm
  • South Carolina Republicans advance abortion bill to Senate floor without exceptions for incest, rape
  • U.S. business leader outlines hopes for IPEF ministerial
  • Newsom’s labor gains and pains