Can the Stock Market End Up Positive for the Year?

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It's been a tough year so far for stock funds, with a 17.3% decline. Consumers are also feeling worse than they did during the pandemic, according to a new survey. And music festivals are struggling as the concert market gets more crowded.


  • Stock Funds Down 17.3% So Far in 2022: This outlines the stock market crash so far in the year 2022.
  • Consumers Feel Worse Now Than They Did During Pandemic: This outlines how consumers are feeling worse now in the present than they did during the pandemic.
  • Music Festivals Hit Harder Times in Crowded Concert Market: This outlines how music festivals are struggling in a crowded concert market.
  • Voters in Chile Reject a Constitution Targeting Economy, Indigenous Rights: This outlines how voters in Chile rejected a proposed constitution that would have targeted the economy and indigenous rights.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond Faces Leadership Gap After Executive’s Death: This outlines how Bed Bath & Beyond is facing a leadership gap after the death of an executive.
  • Ocean Shipping Rates Have Plunged 60% This Year: This outlines how ocean shipping rates have plunged 60% this year.
  • Can the Stock Market End Up Positive for the Year?: This outlines whether or not the stock market can end up positive for the year.
  • California Blackout Risks Intensify Amid Soaring Temperatures, Wildfires: This outlines how California blackout risks are intensifying amid soaring temperatures and wildfires.
  • Instagram Fined $402 Million in EU for Allegations of Mishandling Children’s Data: This outlines how Instagram has been fined for mishandling children's data.