Retired general predicts next move in Ukraine; CNN reporter describes missile attack on Ukraine




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Today's headlines cover a range of topics, from a boater's shark encounter to a possible financial crisis in the UK. Other stories include a skin cancer scare for Khloe Kardashian, predictions for the future of Ukraine, and a committee member's hint at upcoming findings from the January 6th hearing. In sports, there is discussion of the NFL's concussion protocol and officiating controversies, while in entertainment, comedian Ariel Elias shares a story of a heckler throwing a beer can at her. Finally, there are also stories about an asteroid's changed motion, the reopening of the Statue of Liberty's crown, and more.


  1. A boater describes a shark encounter before being rescued.
  2. Stunning footage shows a volcano's lava stretching to the sea.
  3. A retired general predicts what comes next in Ukraine.
  4. Watch Tucci eat out of his comfort zone with a tongue, ear, and snout.
  5. Khloe Kardashian says a skin cancer scare is the reason for her recent face bandage.
  6. A Jan. 6 committee member hints at 'surprising' finding for upcoming hearing.
  7. The Bank of England warns the risk of a UK financial crisis hasn't gone away.
  8. The president of the LA County Federation of Labor resigns amid a city council racist remarks scandal, multiple reports say.
  9. New Zealand wants to tax farmers for their cows' burps and farts.
  10. Don't worry, there's still hope for the stock market.
  11. Anthony Rapp testifies he 'could not escape' his memory of incident with Kevin Spacey.
  12. Markets won't go back to normal until the Fed stops hiking rates.
  13. Opinion: These responses to Kanye West are truly frightening.
  14. Hundreds of homes are already underwater, and this river is expected to stay flooded through Thanksgiving.
  15. What we learned from Week 5 of the NFL season: Changes to concussion protocol, first coach firing and officiating controversies.
  16. GOP surrogates to rally for Georgia's Herschel Walker in show of unyielding national party support.
  17. The DOJ urges the Supreme Court to stay out of Mar-a-Lago documents fight.
  18. How Diede de Groot won an unprecedented back-to-back calendar grand slam.
  19. Fat Bear finalists face off after cheating scandal rocks voting.
  20. A heckler threw a beer can at her. But comedian Ariel Elias got the last laugh -- and sip.
  21. Tens of thousands likely jobless after Hurricane Ian, economists say.
  22. 'I don't kiss anyone's a** like him': Tim Ryan and J.D. Vance face off in Ohio Senate debate.
  23. The DART mission successfully changed the motion of an asteroid.
  24. The Statue of Liberty's Crown reopens for the first time in more than 2 years.
  25. Shell accused of 'greenwashing its harmful activities' following partnership with British Cycling.
  26. Rights activists hail Venezuela's departure from UN Human Rights Council.
  27. Scholar breaks down what the Iranian regime fears most.
  28. Prime Early Access Sale: The 22 best tech deals you can get right now.
  29. CNN reporter in Ukraine describes the heaviest missile attack on Ukraine since the start of the war.
  30. Tapper asks Biden if Putin is a 'rational actor.' See his response.